Introduction to The Steem Education Community as a Mentoring and Investment On Steemit

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Along with the development of steemit, there have been many active newcomers. However, many still do not fully understand the opportunities to invest and power up.

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About Steem Education is here to foster all steemit users to have full awareness to see long-term opportunities on the platform

Steem Education is a place to provide Mentoring and motivation to all steemit users, especially newcomers to be able to learn and understand various things about steem

Steem Education provides Mentoring to newcomers and dormant accounts who do not understand the correct way of writing such as how to place Markdown style and various other functions.

The account is a community account for publishing important announcements about steem education and curators in the Steem Education community.

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Community Formation Goals

The purpose of establishing the Steem Education community is

  • Provide mentoring to all Steemit account users
  • Provide the latest information about steem investing and Power Up
  • Fully support active and creative users
  • Creating various contests that have a positive impact on steem education in the future.

Steem Education as an educative media conveys detailed actual information about new users born on this platform, developments will continue to be mapped according to user needs for platform developments from time to time.

Steem Education opens up steem investment opportunities for every steemit user to build community strength through delegation or steem investments from internal or external wallets, with profit sharing will be regulated based on the percentage of delegates. Cooperation with investors will continue to be built through an investment approach.

The opportunity to recruit investors has promising potential, considering the assets owned by the community are in the form of digital coins. Well, with the introduction of STEEM and Investment methods, it is believed to be able to foster interest in cryptocurrency investors to continue to develop themselves through STEEM investments as part of future assets.

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Steem Education is a Steem Community that provides benefits to steemit users in the form of Mentoring, Power Up Steem and investment

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They may assist/work together with Steemit Nursery Team at Steemit Nursery with these missions.


We mentor new users before completing Achievements. I think this is important because @heriadi has a function as a greeter and I as a Greeter helper have also been doing work every day. One of our programs is in synergy with the newcomers community.


Of course, the ultimate goal of the community we built is to make every steemit user aware of investing in Steem. Step by step we offer synergies with other communities, especially with communities that are members of Newcomers, to attract Newcomers to do power ups and investment


Basically our goal is to invite newcomers to do power ups and investments in steemit. Minimizing fake accounts get curated in the newcomer community to dilute SBD / Steem, we will minimize that with steem learning efforts in this community


Currently, we get various complaints from newcomers whom we meet both in person and through social media communication through the dispute and comment fields. That's one of the reasons why Steem Education is here to help.

Regarding investment and power ups, there should also be a special forum that guides newcomers so that newcomers are not only oriented to the dollar or rupiah, they must be able to see far into the future of steem that will develop, we are trying to make everything better in the future with Steem Education


I think the community in charge of power ups and investment is worth developing. This community can be a learning center for Newcomers to invest. Moreover, @heriadi is a CR and @irawandedy is a Greeter Helper and they can guide Newcomers.


I really support this new community, because from my personal experience, as a newcomer I still often make mistakes even though I have been helped by the greeters and helpers.
I just hope that this new community can learn about the knowledge of newcomers to steemit. This will benefit us.
I will also delegate my Steem Power to as a form of my support for this community.
If I may argue, this community can become a universal community that provides everything, information, and facts that exist in the world of education. Perhaps, this will be a community that will attract the attention of all Steemians, especially for newcomers.
I feel so sorry for my this writing if you get the mistake. It's my opinions.


Semoga Komunitas ini bisa menjadi wadah ilmu pengetahuan bagi pendatang baru yang ingin tumbuh berkembang di sini.

I think this is a good step to increase the popularity of steemit again. How can i contribute here?

Selamat atas lahirnya "Steem Education". Semoga cepat berkembang dan menjadi tempat komunitas untuk belajar tentang Platform Steemit dan Steem. Semoga sukses untuk kawan2 semua.

Hopefully the presence of the Steem Education community can provide opportunities for newcomers to learn about steem.

We support all efforts related to the program to advance steem into the future.

Congrats to Steem Education Community. I will try to contribute to the best of my ability in this community. If I get support, I will make some kind of power ups contest league for newcomers. The aim is to provide an understanding of the benefits of power ups, to encourage and educate them to get used to doing power ups from the start for long-term programs.

Congratulation 👏👏👏

Congratulations to the Community I am very happy finally Because in my area or my village there are many newcomers who don't understand Regards @aril.hatake

Bersama pasti kita bisa

this is very good with the arrival of who will guide newcomers.I feel very happy because now newcomers have received guidance from and can guide them to become consistent people without plagiarism.

Thank you for the kind sympathy from for new views and old people.

Sepertinya ini bisa jadi respon dan solusi terkait problem yang pernah kita bicarakan lalu, bukan begitu bang @anroja, @heriadi, @irawandedy?

Congratulations to the community I am looking for a tool for introducing newcomers for our language as well


We are interested in that, but we have limitations for this new community. we will work to introduce community for the whole country and pick up moderators in each country


Of course, I would like to apply as an agent in my country. as I have been doing for 3 years.


Thank you for your interest in helping this New Community, Wait for the next announcement from this community account.

Congrats to this new community..

Keep guiding and educating the users especially the new ones. Cheers!

Congratulations to community...
As a newcomer, I am very happy to join this community and hopefully I can learn more to develop in the future..thanks

This is pretty good news, even though Newcomers Community is there to nurture Newbies to understand basic principles of Steemit operation, but I think this Community would play it role of offering continuous education to Newbies since education is a process without limit or barriers. Even as we speak, we have many Steemians who have remained in Steem Ecosystem for long, yet do not comprehend certain things and some use case in Steem. Some of the things look easy to grab but others seem to be technical.

Thanks for this great idea creating the Community!


Thank you, we have a long-term target that is not only oriented to the education of newcomers, and we are designing a concept of an ideal continuing education for steemians. This looks easy, but it requires clear concepts so that each material can be easily understood. Furthermore, we will also choose moderators in each country to continue our community program which includes Mentoring, PowerUp and Investment.

We can apply these three points using creative methods, it can be through contests or other activities that encourage the achievement of the long-term vision of Steem Education Community.