Reports for Rewards delegates First Week of July 2021

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Dear Investors

Steem Education Background

The Steem Education Community was launched on July 16, 2021 with the first post Introduction to The Steem Education Community as a Mentoring and Investment On Steemit . we have built community power by delegating Steem Power the Steem Education Community fellow founders of the community.



Invest in the Steem Education Community

We also open up opportunities for Steemit account users to invest in the Steem Education community by delegating some Steem Power to the Curation account. Currently the Delegators in the Steem Education Community have reached 15 User Accounts with 9,611,501 STEEM delegates. For complete information you can see it at the following link:


Advatage Invest in Steem Education

  • Post curation within 24 hours of 1 post with the percentage will be adjusted
    Note : does not curate posts commented on plagiarism by @endingplagiarism
  • 60% Community Post Rewards will be distributed to investors according to the number of delegates on


Reward Distribution

The following is the reward distribution system for the Steem Education Community, which was obtained from the post

  • 40% Community development in the form of Power Up Steem to increase the Strength of
  • 60% divided for all investors according to the number of delegates for
  • Every Investor does not get a Reward in the first week of delegation
  • Continuous distribution of rewards every week
    Reward Sharing Formula

    Reward 71,133 Steem (60% X 71,133 Steem = 42,680 Steem)
    Delegation by @investor 2002,427 SP
    Effective Power 9,990.360 SP


Here are the rewards that we distributed in the first week of July 2021:

Note :



We thank all investors who have delegated part of Steem Power to support the Steem Education Community . We hope as Admin and Moderators More and more investors will join the Steem Education Community

CC : @steemcurator01 @steemitblog

Best Regard

Posted By @heriadi


Every post published in the Steem Education community will mostly be curated with the community account, to increase voting power we open up opportunities for steem account users to invest by delegating Steem Power to the account

If you want to support the Steem Education community by delegating Steem Power, please select one of the links below

Delegation link for



Steem Education Community Team
@heriadi @irawandedy @sofian88 @miftahuddin @klen.civil @radjasalman @nadilchairi

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I'm thinking of driving you a Lil bit crazy @heriadi, but somehow.. it's not good for education. so ... I dropped the idea and will wait for a Lil more time to delegate additional support


The old madness hasn't healed yet, don't make me crazier, thank you for supporting the Steem Education Community


naaahh... something that's been living depth in the bone and flowing along the veins, there's no medicine for that!
you're welcome..

I hope, at the right time, I can also delegate to Now, his strength is still small. Hopefully I can soon have SP to support the progress of this community.


Thank you for support