Requirements to become a Member in the Steem Education Community

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Hello Everyone

We announce to all platform users in all countries that the Steem Education community is open to the public. to become a member of the Steem Education community, you are expected to read Announcement about posts in the Steem Education community


The Member label will be used according to the Country of origin of the steem user account who has subscribed to the Steem Education community after writing a post in the Steem Education community.

We need verified data as a condition to become a Member in the Steem Education community for Steemit Users who have joined the community

Requirements to become a Member in the Steem Education community

We will verify your account through your Achievement Tasks that have been verified by the Greeter Team in the Newcomers community. Your first post on Steem Education is expected to include an Introduction Link (Achievement 1) at the end of your post.

If you haven't written an introductory post in the newcomer community, please visit Newcomers'Comunity to write the post Achievement 1 Task
For a guide to writing Achievement 1 assignment posts, you can read @cryptokannon post at the following link Notice Board of Newcomers Community Updated 2/June/2021

Thank you
cc: @steemitblog @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02

Posted Community Team


Every post published in the Steem Education community will mostly be curated with the community account, to increase voting power we open up opportunities for steem account users to invest by delegating Steem Power to the account

If you want to support the Steem Education community by delegating Steem Power, please select one of the links below

Delegation link for

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I've delegated even if it's a small amount. and I will try to write my first post here as my contribution to being part of this community🤗


You are welcome

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