Weekly Report Steem Education community development July 1, 2021 to July 7, 2021

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Hello, Everyone!


We will report on the development of the Steem Education community in the last week, from July 1, 2021 to July 7, 2021. We currently have 340 subscribers and 47 active posters and already has 363.881 STEEM POWER, the Steem Education community will do power ups every week to strengthen the community in order to support community members and delegator.

We launched the Steem education community for the public on June 16, 2021 with the first post


Activities in the Steem education community for the last 7 days

Two of our moderators have held a contest related to education and steem investment

Weekly update of the Delegator List in the period (16/6/2021-23/6/2021)

The following is a list of @steem.education delegates

NoDelegatorSP DelegatedInformation
1@heriadi2,501.235+ 500 SP delegate
2@irawandedy2,501.244+ 500 SP delegate
3@klen.civil1,002.041Old delegate
4@el-nailul501.092Old delegate
5@anroja501.017Old delegate
6@liasteem500.999Old delegate
7@sofian88500.897Old delegate
8@radjasalman500.920Old delegate
9@subkiusman200.383Old delegate
10@aril.hatake200.366Old delegate
11@harferri200.177Old delegate
12@sailawana200.146Old delegate
13@nadilchairi100.097Old delegate
14@steemitcountry100.039New delegate
15@cicisaja100.037New delegate

The current total Steem Power delegation is 9,610.696 SP


Thank you @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for your support of the Steem Education community. We hope to grow like any other big community. we will work hard for this

Best regard


Posted By @heriadi

Every post published in the Steem Education community will mostly be curated with the @steem.education community account, to increase voting power we open up opportunities for steem account users to invest by delegating Steem Power to the @steem.education account

If you want to support the Steem Education community by delegating Steem Power, please select one of the links below

Delegation link for @steem.education


Steem Education Community Team

@heriadi @irawandedy @sofian88 @miftahuddin @klen.civil @radjasalman @nadilchairi

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hahaha.. nggak sengaja terdelegasi cuma 100, nanti kalau ada lagi saya tambah, biar tambah kuat


Semua di mulai dari kecil lama2 akan basar he hehehe..


yoi.. yang besar dijadikan modal menambah yang kecil2

what will be the curation and delegation ratio? I want to delegate 1k SP.


You can see it on https://steemworld.org/@steem.education and share 60% reward from community account for all delegator