A call for Assistance: Fundraising to Finance the purchase of Solar power Energy in My Zone

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Hello Friends,

Due to the fire outbreak in one of the Fuel Filling Station in my environment, it destroyed the transmission line supplying electricity to my zone.

As a result of this, we have been in my area for the past two weeks without electricity and this has become a major problem to all the people living close, worse yet it has affected me in my activities as a steemians who is always active.

The information reaching us from the Power Holding Company who supplies electricity in my zone is that it could take months before electricity is fixed here, the month for fixing remains uncertain.

Since this incident happened, I had to be traveling to a long distance to power my phone and laptop in an acquaintance shop every day, both day and night, the cost of shuffling to that Shop is expensive and not economical.

Members of the community in my zone also do the same to power their phones every single day, this is very risky as it's dangerous to my property which is my laptop and phone to criminals.

These items are so valuable because without them I may not be very active in the platform anymore as before.

Also seeing how my people will also suffer in this challenge we are facing presently has become my serious concern.


Have I had enough money I will have bought and installed a 1000 watt solar power energy which can provide electricity 24 hours and can save me and even the villagers, though there are other options like buying the gasoline generator, if I buy that one it will still incur many expenses as I will buy petrol each time I want to put it on, this is not economical.


For this reason, solar power energy is the best because once mounted there will be no other thing to buy like fuel, it just needs the sun to work and at night it can work with the already stored power.


As I mentioned above, the beneficiaries would include Me, Steemians living nearby, and the community people of Ekpri Nsukara, Uyo, Nigeria.

This system will be installed at a strategic location where members of the community always have access to Charge their devices. And it is also going to be a secured location.

Time required For Implementation

The project implementation would be a quick one. On Confirmation of disbursed funds for the project. Not more than a week would be enough to move equipment and materials to the site, after which a day or two will be enough to round up installations, testing, and launching.

Power Capacity

The Solar plant will generate 1000 watts of Electricity for this spot. One crystalline Solar panel to regularly charge the battery, along with a 100ahms backup battery. This plant can run for 24hours.

Serial NumberItemPrice In NairaPrice In Steem
1.1kva Inverter with internal Charger24,000160
2.30A PWM controller15,000100
3.100ah deep cycle battery58,000387
4.200watts Mono crystalline Solar panel40,000267

Note: Price of steem is based on the current price of today 18th May,2022

Project Implementation Stages

After the disbursement of Funds, the project is scheduled to go through the stages below:

  • Shipping the equipment and materials to the site from the depot.
  • Installation of the plant
  • Testing of the plant
  • Commissioning/ launching of the plant.

All would be published here for fairness.

Maintenance plan

I consider this very important. Solar plants required minimal maintenance Operations. I will undergo a few days of training from the technicians that will do the installation in other to have full knowledge of how to take care of the plant. And I will also take the lead in monitoring the plant from time to time and in rare cases watch off excess dust on the surface of the solar panels.

In case of plugs or charging points malfunction, I can easily change the plug or sockets.

The idea of installing Solar Power energy is going to be very effective because this is not going to benefit only me, but also members of my zone who will also be suffering from this lack of Electricity.

If this project is achieved, I will benefit fully, members of my community will also benefit as well, steemians living around will benefit and this will be a good ground for people to know more about the steemit platform, it will also serve as a promotional activity.

It can attract more investors to the platform, especially when they gain their trust in such a project.


On the 17th of May 2022, I meet with my country representative @ngoenyi to discuss the scope of this plan/project and to her, it was a nice development.

My aim is to allow all other people to benefit from this project if achieved.
Though I am still active now despite this electricity problem, the truth is that I take a lot of risks going out to charge my devices in order to maintain my activeness.

If this project is approved, the necessary procedure would be followed.

I’ll make sure that I post all the necessary updates on the steps I took to implement them in each stage.

I am please seeking assistance from the steemit team and various charity Groups to please come to our aid, thank you very much as you anticipate assisting us.

In other not to affect my club status, the smilenigeria account would be used to collect donations for this project if approved.

Cc: @steemcurator01 @pennsif @el-nailul @heriadi @irawandedy @miftahuddin
@habercitr @klen.civil

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A good project idea - but you need to work up a more detailed plan.

For example...

  • where will you source the equipment from? (links would be good)

  • are the equipment prices assured or are they likely to go up?

  • what models / brands will you be using?

  • what will be the warranty on the equipment?

  • will you be roof mounting the solar panels, or ground mounting?

  • how will you ensure the equipment is not stolen?

  • who have you got for the installation?

  • are they experienced?

  • how many similar PV installations have they done before?

  • what warranty do they offer on their work?

  • how many people will you serve with this solar PV installation?

  • will you be charging them for usage?

  • how will you charge for the electricity?

These are a few starting points for further research and development of the project.

In terms of collecting money for the project it would be best to have a separate dedicated account.

If this is a Smile Nigeria project you will need to clearly show who will benefit from the project.


Dear @steemcurator01, first of all, thank you very much for your support and response and I really appreciate the awareness questions

As it is the pilot project we are as the team has underlined such question in early discussion with @heriadi and @irawandedy and @ubongudofot.

Your questions need meticulous consideration and deep assessment, as the person in charge of the implementation of the project

The most important point that needs to be considered are:

  • The beneficiaries of the project must be specific and measurable
  • quality and guarantee of the products which are used in the project
  • Sustainability of the maintenance (daily or as needed)
  • Including how long that equipment will last to support electricity (in terms of using the budget need to be equivalent to the benefit)
  • Meeting the basic qualifications of those (above) questions including the product specification.

But above all, the comprehensive assessment and survey must be done before it is decided to bring the whole International World Smile Project team to be involved in this progress is undergoing in WA group with @ubongudofot

Thank you for quick action for all Smile Nigeria and thank you for your endless support steemcurator01



Thank you very much Sir for the response, and thanks for the support as you and other members of the team of the WSP have been in Support of this all this while.

I appreciate all the support. I pray this becomes a success as I have put into consideration all the provided suggestions which would give result in positivity and fairness.

I thank you and the international team.


Thank you very much sir @steemcurator01 for giving me this large details on what i need to come up with.

This will also serve as a guide for me to compile a more comprehensive proposal which i believe would be much better than this.

I will definitely do this and make a post as soon as possible, i love all the suggestions and will work on them with immediate effect.

I feel sorry to hear about power problem. But you have done well by buying solar system. The government has installed solar systems for those in our area who cannot afford to buy electricity


Thank you very much brother, electricity has become a big problem to us here.

But i didnt buy it, i am only requesting for assistance to purchase it😊. Thank you for your concern, i really appreciate.🙏

The right steps to restore the electrical conditions that occur in your current place, hopefully it will be realized quickly and can be used by you and the people around where you live.


Thank you very much brother, this is going to bring a huge relief to us and put a smile in our faces.

People's lives would be tourched with this, and you never can tell, we might have a huge influx of newbies who will choose blogging on steemit as a career.

Thanks for your kind words brother.🙏

A good project to overcome power outages in your country, hopefully many steemian will support this project until something beautiful is achieved


Thank you very much brother. This is going to solve our immediate power crisis.

And i really hope for other steemians to support this project as well and this is going to be a success.

I appreciate your kind wishes 🙏

Power is very important to us steemians. We can be very active if there is constant power supply. Now that your transformer is damaged, and the date to restore the power in your area is not certain, then there is a problem. I am glad that here in steemit, we have human faces who are very good and kind and ready to come to our rescue. With these detailed information about the solar system, it will be possible to help out. And once this is successfully installed and it's working, it will be a great relief to you and those steemians around you.

I wish you success dear. Let's see how it goes


You are absolutely right, power is everything as far as our devices is concerned and without power in our devices, it can easily affect our performance in the blog.

But with Solar power Energy which works 24hours , then there would be no need to complain. Thank you very much Ma for your kind support, i really appreciate.

This is a great project bro... I know you will be able to overcome the electricity crisis in your area, I hope you can run it as soon as possible.


Thank you very much Brother, it is a great project as you said and at the same time, it is going to be a huge relief to us over here if solved.

I really hope to run this very soon if solved.
I appreciate your kind response.🙏

Good luck - tell me, please, when the funding starts ;-))


Okay, thank you very much Ma, i will definitely inform you.🙏

After our conversation the other day, it's really nice to hear this great news. You're making great strides. Our support is with you🙏😊


Thank you so much 🙏, this really means alot to me and all my people down here. Thank you sir.🙏

It is an excellent suggestion. As Sri Lankans, we are familiar with the issues that arise when power is out, as we face the power cut problem daily.

great project idea very interesting data the way you organize the various types you buy for your factory needs my prayers for you always in your heart.
#indonesia ,🤲

This is a nice project to work on I appreciate your zeal here , power supply is really a problem here and I know it will really be of help to so many people arround you especially the steemian since this will help them stay active. I wish you success in your project and I hope this will be supported successfully

Best wishes brotherly