WSP: Smilenigeria Second Project Report Progress[30%](March 21,2022)|| 50% Reward to worlsmile and smilenigeria

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Hello friends, it’s my pleasure to welcome you all to this space. First of all, I want to apologize for the little delay in my activities here, it was due to a lack of device to access the blog, so most times I used someone device to access here or make the little post I usually made for some weeks now which was not often. But now, I have a little device that I can work with. So, I’m back and will always be here now.

Following the update I made on the 14th March 2022 with this post entitled: A proposed Budget to execute the Second worldsmile project in Nigeria, I want to brief us all on the progress so far on that second project.

This is the second phase of a report on the use of the world smile project fund donated to smile Nigeria in other to support the educational system in Nigeria, especially among the less privileged.
So far, we have gotten the materials which are the white and the blue Jampard materials which are now ready to be given to the tailor to sew according to the sizes of the kids. Below is the receipt of how much we got the materials and the quantity we got them.

I went to the market with one of my team members @goodybest and the tailor who will sew the uniform. We got the materials at Akpan Ndem Market,UyoMap. Over here school materials like this are less in price sometimes.


We choose a moderate quality which is jampard material. This is what is used in the school system here in Nigeria and it’s considered one of the best.

Below is the receipt of the materials purchased and the cost:


As you can all see, the total amount spent to purchase those materials was N51,600 (Naira) which is equivalent to 387.87 steems approximately using the price of steem as at the time I sold the steem on the 13th March,2022.

The materials have already been handed over to the tailor and he has started working on them. He already has the measurements of some of those students depending on their age and sizes.

The progress of this project and the financial expenditure would be posted as it emerged to the next stage, the tailor is a fast person, he has a lot of Machine and workers that would help him deliver the work on time. He has promised to finish the entire work in the next 7days.

Project Details

Potential Beneficiaries25
Plus Code :
Map:Google Map

Until today, the smilenigeria project cash fund has been used as much as N51,600 (Fifty One thousand Six hundred Naira),- or the equivalent of 371 STEEM at today's market price.

You can read articles concerning this project in the following publications:

May I use this medium to thank all of you donors for your support for sharing your beneficiaries to the smilenigeria charity account and the steemit team (@steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02) so that we can support the less privileged in the educational system in Nigeria and also the world at large. we cannot do it alone without your intense support. Thank you very much. We appreciate the support of the world smile and the international team.

Cc: @pennsif @el-nailul @heriadi @irawandedy @klen.civil @sofian88

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I always love and appreciate Charitable activities ❤️💗💖


That's great , i like the fact that you appreciate such. Humanity as a whole needs charity. Thank you very much Ma, i appreciate.


You're welcome, keep it up, May our Almighty Allah help and bless us for doing such Charitable activities. Ameen!

nice work sir. keep saving and helping .

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