Steem For Better Life Community Development Analysis | October 24, 2021


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This Community Development analysis is a form of evaluation of the Steem For Better Life Community as a whole, from the results obtained, a specific picture of the community will be obtained, the Steem For Better Life Community views Community Development Analysis as a reference indicator of strategies to apply steps to the results obtained at this time , bank in the form of obstacles and success.

Indicators of success can be seen through a comparison of the data in the previous evaluation, from the previous data a development table will be made which is displayed in the form of a diagram.

When the Community needs major changes on the Steemit platform, the Community development process or called Community development (CD) can respond and adapt to changes that occur so that it can improve the Community in carrying out its Vision and Mission in accordance with the prepared program.

The Steem For Better Life Community outlines 5 important aspects in conducting analysis, the 5 aspects are:

1. Member Development

Members of the Steem for Better Life Community continue to grow compared to Lulu's week, this can be seen from the number of members that continues to grow. Previously there were 1,230 members and on October 5, 2021 the number of community members reached 1,405 members and currently the number of members on October 24, 2021 has increased to 1,730 members.
The following is a member development diagram.

Jepretan Layar 2021-10-24 pukul 15.34.25.png

2. Active Poster

Active Poster Steem for Better Life Community is still in the range of 150 to 180, efforts to increase active posters do not escape members who make posts, provide active comments and member growth. and on october 24 active posters increased to 190+.

The increase in active posters is closely related to the program released by @heriadi about the 5000 STEEM Delegation to active members in the club5050 campaign

Jepretan Layar 2021-10-24 pukul 15.37.42.png

3. Community Ranking

Currently the Community's ranking has decreased from last week's previous position of 20 to 25, but currently the Community's ranking is in position of 30 to 33. An important indicator of increasing community ranking cannot be separated from curation support, the greater the curation, the greater the chance. . increase Community ranking.

A significant change occurred at the end of this month with the community ranking increasing to 18th.

Jepretan Layar 2021-10-24 pukul 15.40.41.png

4. Steps to Improve and Sustain Community Outcomes

As in the discussion above, each community has positive and negative changes, for this reason these analysts become an indicator of the identification of the overall success of the community and the decline in the credibility of the community.
Efforts made by:

  1. Expand posts in the Steem for Better Life Community
  2. Increase Comments for new posts
  3. Give appreciation and openness to members to propose programs as a form of community program through management meetings.
  4. Increase member participation by continuing to support the Programs and Contests that are run.
  5. Selectively awarding creative content in the form of submissions for support curation which is booming as long as this program continues.
  6. Intense promotion of the platform to the public
  7. Evaluate programs and community credibility through regular community meetings.
  8. Identify the factors of failure/decrease in community achievement in general.
5. Ongoing Programs

Steem for Better Life has several ongoing programs, the programs in question are:

  1. World Smile Project : Construction of Free Education Center - Update October 24, 2021
  2. Education Support Program in North Aceh
  4. Mini Crypto Program
  5. Contest : 5,000.000 SP Delegation Program for Active Members Steem For Better Life in the club5050 Campaign : @heriadi, Support #club5050 Contest : @irawandedy, Investing and Power-Up :, Markdown Style : @klen.civil, Diary Action to Promote club5050 : @sofian88, Review Tools Steemit : @amryksr
Project implementation constraints

We are having problems implementing the Program Packages that will be implemented, this is due to the lack of SBD collected from the total needs, to address this we encourage each member to be able to continue to make posts by sharing rewards voluntarily. We hope that we will get support from @steemcurator01 to speed up the implementation of the program packages that have been CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS UPDATE 35%: FREE EDUCATION CENTER - WORLD SMILE PROJECT PROGRAMS - OCTOBER 24, 2021

Best Regard,

cc : @pennsif @el-nailul @heriadi @miftahuddin @mariana4ve @klen.civil @sofian88 @liasteem @nadilchairi

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It's a very nice step for the steemit community. By compaign with good programs like these, we hope steemit users develop and improve in the future. I was a newcomer and I was delighted with programs like this and made me more excited.

Semoga dengan peningkatan keaktifan member serta dukungan 01 akan mempercepat proyek-proyek yang sedang di laksanakan....ayo kita beramal dgn @worldsmile

this is thanks to the hard work of the admins and moderators in this community,, with the hard work of the kumuntas team, this community is growing, hopefully the spirit will not fade in building the community until it grows, greetings🙏


I must say that the admins are doing very great jobs here. At least members will see reasons to develop their account and as well help the community grow.
#club5050 #worldsmileproject50pc

Capaian yang luar biasa. Kerja keras team dan member sebagai pendukung.

Congratulation Steem For Betterlife


The essence of this community is beautiful, I hope it grows more and more, I like it because it is not limited to a country, the help is extended and here the example of my country Venezuela, Manuel's house marks a precedent in my country thanks to your support, grateful because it has generated other aid as in the case of my community and medical equipment that I have just received.grateful to you.

#onepercent #venezuela #affable #club5050