The beauty of two colored rose flowers.

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Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying good health.

Friends, I want to put two colored roses in front of you, which you will like very much. These flowers are very beautiful and have been planted in our garden. These are usually planted in front of the house for flower decoration or on the right and left side of the office doors.


You will surely be happy to see both beautiful flowers because their colors are so lovely, they are as beautiful as the colors, they are also very sweet.


Its scent is very sweet, if you hold it for four to five puffs, then you can enjoy her scent a lot. If you have such flowers present near you or in your area, then you take them beautifully and then pick them up and keep their fragrance because their fragrance is very sweet, which is very good for the heart and mind.


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Thank to all the members of this community.



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This flowers is very beautiful And looking nice۔Sir Ji۔

Flowers looking very attractive and beautiful. Flowers beautiful gift of nature.


Of course, these are gift of nature for us.

very beautiful flowers these are.

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The flowers you have planted are very good flowers, your area has very good yields.

These flowers are very sweet with Mashalla and are beautiful.

these are very beautiful flowers that you have shared with us.
thank you @azamrai

Bahut acchi hai aur yah mujhe afsane bhi I hai

Beauty of nature reflects from these flowers


Good @madha

You have done well.

Your post is very nice and informative. I like your idea and photography very much. Keep it up.


Thank you very much for your appreciation.

Flowers always make our mood happy.You have taken pictures of very beautiful flowers. A flower is something that is known as a sign of beauty

Its beautiful flower...

Nice photography I like your photography