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Today my post will tell you that which cities are so much needed, which are necessary to pass technology and for better health, what are the tasks that need to be done in everyday life.
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Morning walk is very important for good health and good life, but we often adopt our routine head that we are away from the morning walk due to which my set gets spoiled, we run many diseases day by day. Then when we go to the doctor, the doctor advises that you do a morning walk, work, eat light things, where are the vegetables and do not go through such opinions so that your health is good, then we should walk the morning thinking. For a healthy life, less food, less sleep, less talk and / these very important things, if we implement this, our life can be much better. Every day, we eat fast food and chicken etc. with this association, which spoils our flour and our days are sick, due to which our work makes our life depressed, this work becomes difficult for us, which makes us sick. If I talk about myself, when I was 15 16 years old, I used to feel very strange to see those people who are running in the morning doing it and work to make themselves fit. I was contracted that these people. But with the passage of time, I realized that I cannot spend this much life without my need to spend my life on the morning walk. Then I made a habit of taking a morning walk myself and I used to let my Shailesh who was gaining a lot of weight to make his morning walk his routine so that his life would be better. Should the morning walk be done only by the children and should not be done by the elders, after thinking about it a lot, I have come to the conclusion that everyone should take a morning walk. Actually, our food routine and what we work all day, it tells how much energy we have stored and how much energy we use, it disides all the things in how much time we have to do it in 1 day. Because everyone's style of eating is liberated, it is the person's eating person's personality and everyone's routine of working routine is free, so we should keep a morning walk keeping everything in mind and we must have nothing to do without it.
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This is a very good step, the rest has become the center of Yoga inside our Division Sahiwal and there are trains here that will make you practice yoga absolutely free, will guide you, what time did you practice how much practice and then you fit yourself. This is a very good exercise, you can keep yourself fit and healthy, energetic and healthy and your life can be better than you. I have been inside the right bar for 5 years, there is too much school there, there is too much understanding, there is too much pain, there is too much climate, there is so much experience in the atmosphere that there is no living there. We should also learn how these people of our region keep themselves active and their environment is very good and they are using the morning walk in their routine, they eat less and talk less and sleep more. This is the work of yoga, it has been made very good here, so there is no fee at all here, you can go, you can enjoy people, you can learn and after learning, you can get some space in your house. In this picture you can see that the people who are doing yoga are mostly 50 plus age, their people are very fit and active, in an exercise, those people are our youth, those people who are 25 to 35 years old.
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If you follow my advice, then I would advise you to remove 20 to 25 minutes of Joga in your daily routine so that you will become fit, you will become active, your off-life friend will be good for you. We seem to be too much Motivational, we hear that we would have made it clear that we have to do our work, we have to bring our 10 changes, but when it comes time to work, we will not think today, I will not tomorrow, I will not tomorrow. I am sure you must have liked my post very much and you will surely like Yoga and you will make a daily routine. How do you want to take training from a trainer? You have to learn training and train yourself and reach this training to other people.
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  • Date:- 27/5/21

  • Location:- Sahiwal

  • Camera:- Vivo S1

  • Keep your life healthy, wealthy and satisfactory @yoga

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  • Your post is very good, the topic that you have arranged is absolutely unique and for the rest of the people, you are doing a very good work and you have continued your good work that you will support them, thank you so much Allah Hafiz

Your writing expression as well as process of managing the whole materail is too good. Your photographic impression is also good

sir the post you shared is absolutely wonderful, the pictures you shared Are very beautiful. Your post is very unique and you are spreading awarness in people about importance of yoga which is so important for everyone to remain healthy and fit. I have liked your post very much. It is touch my heart and so inspiring.

Very unique post
You have explained it very well
Much needed such kind of activities and exercises to keep ourself fit and healthy.

This is a very good exercise, you can keep yourself fit and healthy, energetic and healthy and your life can be better than you.
Your post is also unique.


Keep your good work up.


You have prepared the post very well. You went to a yoga center in Sahiwal where you took photographs and photographed the owner of the yoga center and you prepared the post very well.

Yoga Exercise not only maintains the physical fitness of the servant but also stretches the muscles.