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  • Assalam o Alaikum!

  • Dear Steemians!

  • I hope your life is going so well and you are enjoying this platform @steemit.

  • My Selfie with my Students


  • My students asked me to visit my new house. I was much busy in different domestic chores. But, on their request I have to visit them my house. In that day, we were working a lot of fun at work, so take time to write and visit. People had also played games, we were in the game, our time was good, come to ground and played two matches. Request people called this will come free, I will get you people to visit. He went and we saw the stories that were fateful brother and also made pictures there. Before workshop I followed by First Floor then second floor. Then I told them how much work is being done till now and how many have been liberated and how much work is left. Was very happy to see the new building, the work was done with a very good design and the map was commissioned. The beauty of Delhi happens only once, so everything should be done with the proper way, and nothing should be done in a mismanagement manner.

  • The Corner Beauty of Natural Look


  • This picture is of a beautiful temple from a window taken from the country from the second floor. Now we can see how much it has fallen, how lovely the floor is and very well captured. I would be very happy with this kind of beauty and I definitely make pictures like this. I'm sure you really enjoyed this scene. Friends @Steamit is also a very good platform and many people are earning online from here, invest here and learn it very well. We also need to learn many more skills to make our life better. And I am sure and I sincerely hope that you guys will be eating this platform very good tackle, and learning your and cryptocurrency.

  • The View Of Masjid beside my House


  • In this picture you can see that the picture has been given from their place and how lovely the minaret of the Masjid looks, this message is definitely very nice. I love the beauty of pictures in good weather. HD pictures should be made at a time when it is not too sunny, it is hot and open a new name. Friends, I request you people that you also come on the estimate platform and learn as much as possible, improve your skills and also forward the information about this currency to other people.

  • The look of my Hometown Chorasta Mian KHAN


In this picture you can see that from the roof of my house choose my locality, how lovely the scene of local people Chorasta Mian Khan is looking. I'm really afraid this scene was very nice. In this almost all the buildings of my sorroundings are visible. And the roads of Chorasta Mian KHan and Chowk is also visible.

  • Other Natural View from the top of my house


My picture is given from the right side of my house and here along with the buildings some buildings have been built, some 12 and the view of the countryside of the village is looking very cute and lovely. In this picture you guys can see and how natural beauty and natural beauty make our environment better. Our choronological classification looks good, pure satisfactory and beautiful. We should enjoy this kind of manager, we should continue our efforts to improve the beauty, other people should steal the fact that you also make your area beautiful.

  • Look of my House in hurry



In the two pictures, you can see how the natural scenes are being delivered from the roof of the house and how the second floor of my house looks beautifully with fresh and new look is amazing.

  • My Post Finishing with my Selfie Style


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Your post is very good and you work very hard and your photography is also amazing .

Your post is very good and I have done it on this you told that you got your students the visit of your home and during that you did take pictures of different things from your home which looked very The picture of the mosque that was done from your house was very good and it was the picture of hometown, I enjoyed a lot and I saw it .And when the picture of corner beauty was very beautiful, looking at her, it seems that your house has become a very good location.


Great Comment!

You have very well illustrated your day's activities in the diary game post and you have also shared some special pictures of your village which I like very much. You are working very hard for me. We hope you enjoy the extension

Nicely managed post.
Good presentation
photography is awesome


Keep up your good work.