De nada ๐Ÿ‘Œ~~


Yea, I kind of understand the redneck situation. I was in Australia for 5 years and met many people from the rural area. Some are nice, some downright racist, mostly non-violent. The thing is we don't have much common topics, they're more into sports, alcohols, less sophisticated stuffs, so hard to keep up the chat.

Most likely I'll stay where I am for the long term. The pace of life in Singapore is too rapid. I did my undergrad in Singapore so I've been to most places there (it's a tiny island anyway). Not going there so often as before coz the traffic jam is insane. Long time ago, it's only 10 minutes drive from my home into Singapore without traffic jam. Right before the pandemic, a trip to Singapore consumes at least an hour's time, just doesn't make sense to make a casual trip there anymore.


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