Before It Rains

3개월 전

Despite the rain and lock down people manage to go outside. See these cars in the background
It will once again be stricter as to who will be allowed to go outside because of the pandemic here in my town in the Philippines. Before it gets any harder to get outside I must take this opportunity to visit my mom's final resting place. We lost her this year in March when the first lock down took effect

We are slowly recovering from our loss and this is not the first time I visit her. I made it a point to walk and visit her whenever I can
Finally they had grown this grass after a few follow up. Since I live nearby I do that follow up and it was never easy to get things done because of the pandemic. That was my Wednesday walk post I had to cut it short as you can see the sky went gloomy and soon a heavy rain will pour.

I miss Wednesday walk and I am glad I am back

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