Wednesday Walk | Distancing in a Grab Car

2개월 전

There's many talks about social distancing and how businesses such as transportation are also changing in their way of bringing people around. I had a very strange experience just a few days back on this in a Grab Car who was accepted my ride. I was expecting to have the Grab driver wearing a face mask and even have hand sanitiser in his car but I wasn't prepared for this at all.


If you looked properly you would notice there is a sheer force field behind the driver's seat -> alright, it's not a force field but it's actually a full length plastic dividing the front seat of the car from the back. It didn't crossed my mind initially when I got into the car but after a while, I realised something strange.


It was then that I started to look clearly and saw the railings holding the plastic cover around the insides of the car. I have to say that I'm seriously impressed at the lengths that this Grab driver has gone to ensure safety for not only himself but the passengers that he's taking. Gotta give credit to him at being so innovative during these hard times. It definitely gives me the extra confidence, trust in him and being in his vehicle.


Here, you can see my reflection taking a photo of the railing 😆.
Have you encountered anything similar to this in your neighbourhood ? Do share with me because this is definitely a great Wednesday Walk experience for me. Something worth sharing about !


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