Random Food Trips #2: Best buddies on a roll!

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Random Food Trips #2: Best buddies on a roll!

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What's up travel and food lovers! I'm back once again for another one of my random food trip stories! This time, I'm sharing to you some of our food trip moments with my best friend, Peter!

GT Hotel Restaurant Bacolod

There's one time that my best friend and I went to GT Hotel Restaurant Bacolod to chill and have some coffee. However, we both feel hungry that time. So I called the waiter for the menu. As I looked on the menu, the waiter suggested that we should try the Primo Pasta Noodles. We both agreed and waited for around 10 to 15 minutes.

Crispy primo pasta noodles

Healthy eating for the both of us!

When we are served with the Primo Pasta Noodles, we're actually blown away on this one. It's mouth-watering for both of us. We have never tried a crispy noodle before, and we both loved it. The Crispy Primo Pasta Noodles has mixed vegetables, fish balls, sliced hard-boiled eggs and kalamansi. I forgot the exact price of this one, but it's more than P200 or $4.00 for a single serving of 2-3 persons.

The GT Hotel Restaurant Bacolod is located at Locsin corner Galo Sts., Bacolod City.

Trust me guys! It's freakin' delicious! If you are looking for a nice hotel in Bacolod, you might want to check-in at GT Hotel and try some of their delicious meals like the Crispy Primo Pasta Noodles.

Max's Fried Chicken in SM City Bacolod

It was just another day out with my best friend, Peter. There's a time we talked about going to eat dinner at Max's Fried Chicken. It's been a few years since we haven't eaten together at Max's, so it's an opportunity for us to dine there again.

Fried chicken with pancit canton, rice and caramel bar

Fried chicken with chopsuey, rice and caramel bar

Chicken dinner with my best friend

We've ordered different fried chicken combo meals that comes with side dish, rice, caramel bar and iced tea. Both of them cost around P328.90 or $6.42. The preparation time is estimated around 15 to 20 minutes per serving.

There are a couple Max's Fried Chicken restaurants in Bacolod City. One at the SM City Bacolod Northwing ground floor and the other one was in the upper floor of Ayala Malls Capitol Central. Their opening and closing times are from 10:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. since they're inside the mall premises.

Gilligan's Restaurant SM City Bacolod

It was around July of 2019, where my best friend and I have finished attending The Feast Bacolod, a weekly praise and worship event by Bro. Bo Sanchez. After attending for 2 hours, we eat dinner at Gilligan's Restaurant in the Ground Floor of SM City Bacolod.

Inihaw na baboy with rice, cucumber and atsara

Boneless chicken teriyaki with rice and cucumber

Dinner time with my best buddy!

We ordered a couple of "abot-kaya" rice meals, or what I call as budget meals. I ordered inihaw na baboy (broiled pork chop) meal for P99 or almost $2.00. Since my friend cannot eat pork because of arthritis, he ordered boneless chicken teriyaki meal for the same price. We both add P16 or $0.31 for unlimited rice and P15 or $0.29 for iced tea each. Our bill was P130 or $2.55 each.

Some weeks later, we are back again to eat at Gilligan's Restaurant with a different abot-kaya menu after praise and worship service.

Sweet and sour fish fillet with rice and cucumber

Crispy chicken fillet with rice, cucumber and linaga soup

Let’s eat buddy!

This time, I have ordered sweet and sour fish fillet with unlimited rice and iced tea. As for my best buddy, he ordered crispy chicken fillet with unlimited rice and iced tea. Just like the last, we paid P130 or $2.55 for these budget meals.

Kenny Rogers Roasters at Ayala Malls Capitol Central

Every Sunday, I bonded with my best friend and his brother. We usually play billiard at the Ayala Malls Capitol Central. In one of those weeks, my best friend and his younger brother treated me for the dinner. We tried to find a restaurant that isn't really crowded. In the end, we decided to go for Kenny Rogers Roasters.

Kenny Roger’s whole fried chicken

Fried chicken with rice platter, muffins, side dishes, gravy and 1 pitcher of iced tea

Time to eat guys!

We choose to settle with a Kenny Rogers Roasters group meal. Although there are some few combos out there, we choose to try the roasted chicken. For only P885 or $17.34, it comes with one whole roasted chicken, 4 muffins, 1 platter of plain rice, side dishes of our own choice (we choose coleslaw, macaroni salad and spaghetti macaroni) and 1 pitcher of iced tea. It's good enough for the three of us, and we're happy about it.

East Pala-Pala Resto Grill

In one of those weeks that I bonded with my best friend and his brother, we are at Lopue's East Bowling Center. We enjoyed ourselves in playing the tenpin bowling. After that, we have to eat dinner somewhere. I suggested to them about a nearby pala-pala restaurant in the New Government Center Access Road, and they know where it is. It's what they call as the East Pala-Pala Resto Grill.

Sizzling squid with onion and garlic toppings

Tinola na isda soup

Time to eat some seafood guys!

To be honest, I forgot the exact price that I've paid for the sizzling squid with onions and garlic toppings, tinola na isda soup and some rice. It's because the price depends on how much kilos I want for each seafood meal. I only remembered that I paid less than P800 or $16.00 for the whole meal to treat my best friend and his brother.

*The East Pala-Pala Resto Grill is located at Las Palmas Subdivision, Brgy. Taculing, Doña Juliana, Bacolod City. *

It always feel great for me to eat with my friends, especially my best buddy. Thank you so much for your time in reading my random food trip blog post for today. If you have any plans to visit Bacolod City, a.k.a. The City of Smiles, you might not want to miss trying out the restaurants that I've mentioned here.

Did you liked my blog post for today? I do appreciate if you could leave an upvote! Stay tuned for the next one!

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That fried chicken looks a-ma-zing! I can smell it from here \o\


Yeah I can smell it too! My dad knows that fried chicken is my favorite, so he let our helper cook some for me during dinner time. We recently eat roasted chicken here at home. It's mouth-watering and finger lickin' good! (that's KFC's line lol).