Netflix's 'La Casa de Papel': The story of a great robbery!

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You may have seen many movies of bank robberies or thefts. The Hollywood's Oceans series is famous. For a long time, there was nothing to compete with the Oceans, but this time we found a worthy competitor. It's about Netflix's 'La Casa de Papel' or 'Money Heist' series. The story of a great bank robbery has been told in episodes with breathtaking excitement. Let's talk about that story today.

Series cover. Source: Netflix

Warning: Possible Spoiler Alert

The protagonist is one of our professors, at least he calls himself a professor. The protagonist should not be called a villain - that is a matter of debate. It's just like Pirates of the Caribbean, knowing that Jack Sparrow is a pirate, yet his compassion and love for him never diminishes.

So I was talking about the professor. His master plan is to steal money from the Royal Mint of Spain. It was not normal figures, they planned to take 2.4 billion euros at a time! But he is reluctant to call it theft. Why? Because, he doesn’t actually steal, he prints the money. And he will print the money and run away with the team. There are eight people in his 'robbery' team, each of whom has a deep past and special skills. Once you get into the Royal Mint, it will take 11 days.

They will keep 67 hostages captive for 11 days, and there will be a strict police guard outside. It also needs a great way to escape. What will happen?

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A scene from the series. Source: Netflix

Let's talk about the Royal Mint. In Spanish it is called ‘Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre - Real Casa de la Moneda’. It is the Spanish national mint, headquartered in Madrid. That means money is printed here. The Spanish Ministry of Finance takes care of it. The Bank of Spain began printing money in 1940, and today's building had been using since 1964. There is another mint in Burgos, northern Spain. Note that the name of the series ‘La Casa de Papel’ means ‘paper house’, where paper means banknotes, the point is - mint.

Original Royal Mint. Source: Wikimedia Commons

The professor's real name is Sergio Marquina. Alvaro Morte has played in this role. Sharp-witted, resourceful, and far-reaching are the three qualities he has in common. For many months, he taught his team members how to do this plan to the finest level. His past is mysterious.

If there are robbers like Tom and Jerry, there will be police, the police will chase the culprit. And here Inspector Raquel Murillo is in the role of police. The middle-aged beauty has one child, but she is divorced from her husband. Troubled family life on the one hand, a live case of bank robbery on the other. In the meanwhile, she suddenly fell in love with a charming guy when he went to a restaurant to rest.

But did she know that this was the man she was looking for? Is this the professor? How long will the cat and mouse game last?

Money Heist. Source: Netflix

Then let's talk about team members. Tokyo first. Wondering why the name of the city? The professor made such a rule that no member of the group should know the past of others. And with that strict prohibition, no one can tell anyone their real name. Instead, everyone will make their own name by each city. From there came Tokyo.

A middle-aged energetic woman, another heroine in our story. She fell in love again with a young team member named Rio, much younger than she was. They both knew that this unequal love will not last after the robbery. But the two, intoxicated with primitiveness, want to live in the joy of the present and forget the uncertainty of the future.

Professor's team. Source: Netflix

Rio's father wants to keep him, but is it possible? Also a strong member of the team is 'Berlin', who suffers from a secret disease, the leader of the team inside the mint in the absence of the professor. He has to make all the difficult decisions, sometimes the other members of the team can't accept those decisions.

Source: Netflix

Then there are twin brothers Helsinki and Oslo. One speaks less, and the other does all the terrible jokes. Although they are hard to see, their minds are clear. There is another enterprising girl named Nairobi, who is always good at printing money. Moscow, Denver - without them the team seemed empty.

Meanwhile another incident happened. 67 hostages have already been mentioned, what if one of them falls in love with a robber member? In the language of psychology, it is called Stockholm Syndrome, where a hostage falls in love with his captor, at least creating a feeling of love, affection or trust in him. If one of the hostages starts working for the 'robbers', then there is a big danger. And especially when there is someone among the hostages who is as important as the daughter of an ambassador of the country!

LA-CASA-DE-PAPEL_S01_EP01_0017-920x584-680x432 (1).jpg
Source: Netflix

When you will watch the series, you will also be eager to see when money will be stolen. This is where the success of the series lies.

Have you seen the series with a rating of 8.8 / 10 on IMDB? If not, click here to watch on Netflix. To fall in love with the Salvador Dali masked robbers, sit down and enjoy. Bela Caio!

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