your top 10 photograph-My top 10 photography-my top 10 memories

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Hello my fellow steemians,
it is a great delight for me to share my memories in this group, ofcourse I had a lot of good memories and also a bad ones anyway, but am going to share my top 10 good ones,

Here is my photo with my Nysc certificate, the major reason why i pick this as my best is that I couldnt think i can make it back again because when i was in the the mid second semester final year when my invitation came with my admission letter to study at University of Central Oklahoma (UCO),USA, then am carried away with my travel plan, I don't bother to go to lectures again about a month because of my travel preparation, but the story change when I wasn't given Visa in the embassy due to travel restrictions ban place on Nigeria as at that time, I was deeply lost, I had to rush back to school, and that time, examination is about to start, i lost the confidence in myself, how do I want to start, I had to collect materials from my friends and start reading on my own, we did the first exam, I tried my best till the final exam, thanks to the school authority for there understanding, two courses was given to me as remedy, though with no G.p attached, but thank God I graduated, I made it, am really very happy when the result came, I dnt have extension, waoo, the next move is Nysc, to serve my father's land, and when the call up came, I took it, and here I am now passing out, it is one of my best moment.
Then we have others

This was when I did my matriculation back then, waoo, the encitement of being in the university, especially been free from parent monitoring and facing new challenges, new environment, new friends and getting used to another way of life, I was really excited then.

I really love this when my kid sister(front ) is displaying other people's culture in their school during their end of year activities in their school, looking funny but I just keep the photograph since because I just love it.

When we went for celestian general choir meeting at celestian general headquarter, it was so lively, meeting other celestian from other African countries, sharing alot of memories today about the church and about our parish affairs.

At my saloon, making dreadlock for a customer, love to broadcast my job even by sharing it on this platform, apart from being one of my favorites photography, it also serve as source of advertisement on this group.

This is my picture when i first visited one of the most popular church in Nigeria, the synagogue church of all nation(scoan) of prophet TB Joshua, we have a lot of people coming from different countries from each continent, I love the environment, the church design including the word of God spoken there

Since 2012, I kept this photograph, I love the sculpture, I took the photograph when I first visited the synagogue, a sculpture showing Nicodemus and our Lord Jesus Christ, when Jesus Christ was telling him about repentance, I just love it naturally.

Can't forget my colleagues during Nysc days, i love these my colleagues, they are wonderful, we are not even willing to leave ourselves, after our pop, we cry bitterly, but I kept this photograph for their memories

Picture of me, grandma (middle) and my mum, we lost grandma towards the end of November last year, I really missed her fufu (cassava flour) so much and her motherly advice, this photograph make me to keep her memories each time I scroll through my phone and see this photograph. RIP grandma.

My picture in the hotel lodge when i first arrived at Ghana, though a neighbouring country to Nigeria, but meeting new people, new languages apart from English, make the environment more interesting to me, the little time I stayed there I really enjoyed it. So it a good memories for me.

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