Reflecting Universe // original photography//

9개월 전

Hello, community!

Today I would like to share with you one of my most favorite photos
I've ever taken!

This is also my entry for the Reflective Photography Contest hosted by @wo-photography.


Reflecting Universe

Camera DSLRISOApertureShutter
Pentax K30x100F111/125

This photo I took in a village I live, located on a peripheral part of Zagreb, Croatia. It was just an ordinary day, the day after one big rainstorm. It was an early Spring. The day was cloudy with the Sun appearing from time to time. I was looking out my window toward the forest and at that moment the Sun appeared through the clouds and I saw some beautiful sparks in the shallow water that was left on the floor of this neighbor's terrace concrete floor. I felt the need to go on that terrace and try to take a few of these sparkling photos.

I grabbed my DSLR and rushed outside as I saw the clouds are moving fast and I need to hurry if I want to take these photos. I know this neighbor well and I know how to get on that terrace so I went without even asking for permission, no time to lose.

And when I took this photo I just stared at my camera, speechless. I was amazed by how breathtaking can be a photo of shallow water on a concrete surface, but only if the Sun is here. After this photo, I realized on some deeper level that our Sun is a Star! In some place far far away it is just one star amongst so many and to us the most important One!

I hope you like it!

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