Minefield - Game 53 - Day 6 (Feb. 19, 2021)

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Curate here at the 5-minute mark before the 60,000 SP vote comes in!

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Stay alive long enough to grab the Hive Logo (it takes an action to pick it up).

Players can see a spreadsheet with their inventory and health here:

ctrl + L-click OR R-click and choose to open in a new tab (these are the ONLY solutions I found for opening a new tab/window).

The Rules of this game can be found here:

on Steemit
on Hive


1 unit of Hive Basic Income for each logo taken. PLUS...
Everyone who plays gets daily up-votes on their comments. (Delegating SP will increase the vote value and get you on my auto-voter! This is far superior to SBI, so a good investment for ROI).
Survivors can also 3D-print their own "survival" token using this link.
Survivors may claim their buttons by copying and pasting the following code and proudly display them on their pages:


Tagging players (@improv, @badpupper, @pbock, @simplegame, @holybread, @bashadow, @aussieninja, @justatouchfey, @stever82, @dksart and @secret-art) so you know a new post has been made.

Dice roll for mines = 3

Row number 1 moved up 3 rows and pushed all other rows around with it.
Players 5 and 6 got injured.


Thanks to the generosity of @simplegame, we can now use his questbot to perform dice rolls for us on HIVE:

!swing asks for results of a melee attack.

My online tool for dice rolls.

You may wish to use the template below (copy, paste, edit).

### Player ()
Today's action:


Simplified Delegations to @happyme

Get votes roughly 10 times the value of your delegation. (I can vote twice if you exceed my VP.) Those who play the adventure games and delegate have been getting just over 20X their delegation value beyond what the other players get! I try to give as much as I possibly can, but as more people delegate, I'll need to cut back the VP to accommodate the extra daily votes.
50 SP | 100 SP | 150 SP | 200 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP

Re-claim your delegation from @happyme
Remove delegation

For more options, read the comments section for a script you can use.

Don't forget, you can promote your own posts on the #happystream !


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Player 11 (4th)

Today's action: Move NE

Player 10
Move North