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Coder needed

I'm looking for someone who is able to automate a response to player-selected actions of my daily Zombie Adventure game. I'm not wealthy, so I can't offer much. I'm willing to do some of the work if I knew what needed to be done.


e-Book service - by @happyme

Are you an author that would like to turn your work into an e-book but don't know how or just don't have the time? I can help at 14 USD - Steem/SBD (equivalent) per hour. Simply reply to this comment if interested.
References available by request.


45 RPM vinyl record with 2 songs

2 USD - Steem/SBD equivalent (plus shipping from Vancouver, Canada.)


These are NOT used records; they are brand new but pressed long ago as a private label. I have roughly 1200 copies remaining (800 sold).


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Play games and earn Steem while having fun!

Check out board-game style games currently run on a daily basis by @happyme. These are not games where you need to post articles or read articles to gain power... these are real board games!



Many people already know about the great work @steemchiller has been doing on his amazing interface to the Steem blockchain at https://steemworld.org/@put-your-name-here, but I'm sure there will be some who don't know about it, so I'd like to get some exposure for it so that more people can use it. This interface has tons of links everywhere so that you can manage your Steem account from there. You can even manage all your alt-coins (the ones preceding SMT) directly from the interface. You might even discover that you own tokens you never even knew you had!

For help on how to use the interface, check out @steemchiller's weekly blog updates, where he explains the features he's just added. You may need to go way back for the early additions.

Anyway... it's very well designed and quite intuitive, so you can usually figure things out just by hovering the mouse pointer and clicking to see what pops open.

Steemworld works with both Keychain and Steemconnect so you need to choose which method you prefer for validating your actions that require authorization such as sending Steem, powering up or down, etc.

r-click on the image and choose 'open image in a new tab' to see it more clearly.

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