Better Life || The Diary Game: 5th or 6th Entry || 02.24.2021

2개월 전

Dearest-and-dear-dearer-to-me-than-me-only-and-never-knew-I-wanted-a-diary-so Diary --

Fuck I missed you already babe.

But I'm alright becuz I snuck you to work anyway, it don't take no holiday ladybug, and I tell you Miss K dare I say thunder thighs lightning

That perfume is nice. I just noticed it. Hey, come over here. What is that smell? I swear it reminds me of something.

Hey we're going to have to mind our p ands q in public from here on out. Sorry to get serious but this is serious. We can't end up on that list -- no, black magic is strictly forbidden.

Just because we outrun Dick Butkis once, don't mean we're gonna get away with it again. Dick Butkis has his ways you know. And I thank him for them. This is serious.

But thanks for coming over babe. Hey babygirl, you're so sweet to me. I almost forgot what it was like not to love you.

I was so lonely without you. I woke in the middle of the night sometimes and cried streams of boiling bleach down my face while I thought but couldn't think your name.

Dearest Diary,

Thank you for entertaining me while I outran Dick Butkis. I had to keep my eyes on the road but I know you look just right with my dear d in your mouth once in a while when you feel like it.

I will get you twice back later, but my jaw'll need a rest in the meantime. Man has his thirsts you know.

But we're home now, dear diary.


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best regard forevermore s01~

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