Topaz spirals


Topaz spirals

original photomanipulation art


a3 2.jpeg



Generally, when making abstract photomanipulations, I use a lot of different source material and select between images for the contours, colors, textures, etc. I am looking for. Today I challenged myself to only use one single source image of Topaz the Cat pictured below. Everything in this post came from this one photo.

a3 3.jpeg

IMG_3365 2.jpeg

a3 4.jpeg


Below are a few of the results of my learning process. (Right click and select "open image in new tab" if you would like to see the horizontal images full size.)


a3 5.jpeg

b6 2.jpeg

c2 2.jpeg

c3 2.jpeg

c5 2.jpeg

d2 2.jpeg

f3 2.jpeg

d2 3.jpeg

Thanks for checking out my blog!
. — . — . — .
— original art by Daniel Pendergraft —
. — . — .
[posted on-chain April 9th, 2020]

d2 4.jpeg


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Hi Daniel, that is really interesting experiment, my first impression when I saw the first picture was that to texture looks so soft and fur like, with geometric figures it made the picture on one side biological on other though somehow artificial. I was nicely surprise to see the cat. That means my subconsciousness is working well.

I like the last version too, reminds me fractiles, Beautiful!

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...normally I'm tired of cat pictures on the net...but luckily with your work one doesn't recognize the original image any longer...up and re