Adam and Eve

4개월 전

Adam and Eve, Acrylic on Paper, 2016

Another take on the theme, this one a little less tense and a little more intimate. But also lacking in definition and detail. I’m not a huge fan of this. It’s a bit sloppy.

As a result I know I'm going to get some downvotes on this one but it's OK. It's just another demonstration of how far I have come. Even in the lazy moments I still learned something. I don't remember what I learned from this particular painting, but I'm sure it was something good.

The figures at least look happy. Which is good. Why wouldn't they? They were in paradise. Life was good. My other paintings of this theme were both of the moments just before the end of that paradise. I like this one more as far as emotion goes. Less tense. More happy.

Which, after the past 48 hours of Steem chaos, is something we all need!

I’m posting every painting I have ever done from 2014 to the present, the good, the bad, and the ugly. With an occasional photograph or sketch thrown in just to mix things up. Check back daily to see my progression as an “artist”!
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