Heya, Onchainers.

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I am a dude from Korea, looking for a place I can call home since I spent a lot of time in India and now in USA, just wandering around.

Mech is my specialty, and I really want to work for the entertainment industry as a concept artist.

It is my lifelong goal to make my own RTS game like starcraft or sudden strike or partake in its production.

These are some of my illustration works I've done in the past.

armor girl4.jpg

My idea of an exo skeleton heavy infantry.

This is my most recent painting piece, and I really liked how the color turned out. I still see a lot of things that I could improve in, like facial anatomy and lighting accuracy, but hey, this is one improvement over the last.


Basically a Normandy landing 2050

I had the idea of something along this line of scale and hustle for so many years, but only managed to bring it out a fraction of it on canvas and to completion just last year. I learnt so much about the importance of design and composition, as well as.... having someone mentoring you to a higher level. Learning is never a shame :D


Urgent Messenger

This is from 2 years ago, when I was thinking of diversifying my area of interest and tried painting some medieval and fantasy themes. It was fun... hmmm... but then I slowly realized that my passion is in mech and sci-fi while working on this one.

I usually sketch more than paint since I sketching let me produce more designs at a given time. So I'm probably going to be posting a bunch of line art. Let's see if I can build a badass portfolio by sharing the passion emanating from this community :D

Look forward to having fun here!


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Welcome on board :) Your fantasy work is still pretty damn impressive even if not your main area of interest XD And the two sci-fi pieces are just really cool.

I don't think you'll have any problem whatsoever building a badass portfolio.


Thanks for your warm welcome ryivhnn :D

I do my best to catch up with the industry standard, I will soon get there!

Damn dude this is super inspiring! I used to really enjoy a bit of starcraft, but your artwork is a whole other level! I love the mecha/scifi elements, your passion for it really comes across in the fine details. I really enjoy concept art, I'm a big fan of Aaron Sims and have been itching waiting for some news on his own project so I am very happy I found you in the OCD selection. Been checking out your artstation and spent the last fifteen minutes lost in the amazing Last Expedition. Did they make it...? It feels like a snapshot into a much wider story, that I really hope I get to see. The character designs and sketches are fantastic, there is something endearing about Peddler.

Look forward to seeing more of your work, the depth behind each picture is just enthralling!


Really appreciate how you went about my work collection in depth, Laetitia T_T. It is always people like who cheers me that gets me going. Im honored that you are putting me on the similar line of aarons work!

I will do my best to keep up!


You are more than welcome, but damn you get super points for being the first person to realize which bit of my user name is a name! :)


Wheeee! Love the super points. Guess i got lucky. Lovely name btw :D

Welcome aboard, @happyfewnow! Gorgeous works you have * ___ * Love how you do detailing in your mecha and scifi piece and the way you colour and handle lighting is wonderful, as well <3

Hope you will enjoy your time here * ___ *

Gonna be watching you~


Thank you for your remarks, veryspider!

I will do my best to keep up with your expectation :D

Welcome, happyfewnow, glad to see you here! Your passion really illuminates these pieces. Even the areas you want to improve are impressive just the way they are. No shame in learning, that's what's up. It's very inspiring to follow the artist's journey and progression, so it's cool that you shared some work you weren't feeling 100%. Thank you, see you around!

Glad to have you here @happyfewnow, welcome to Steem and OnChainArt!
@tipu curate 3


Thanks a lot Tipu!


thanks midlet, look forward seeing great people out here :D


And get ready for Hive too, if you haven't heard about it :)

Great work btw.


thank you, tarazkp :D

Welcome to steemit @happyfewnow.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!


Thanks for the pointers, tuanis. You too :D

With all the Tron related nonsense, you may have picked a terrible time to join Steem, as a lot of people will be joining with HIVE once that fork happens in several hours from now. :p

I do hope to see you there as well, cause I really dig the art.


Thanks for heads up, dlstudios.

I guess I will see you on the other side :D

Thanks for liking my work

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Welcome happyfewnow!
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Thanks, io :D