Tank you for welcome :D

9개월 전

Hey, Steemers.

I tank you for your great welcome.

So here are some tanks


As I went about thinking about my graduation project, i.e. portfolio,

I knew what I wanted to draw : lots of machines.

So I was picturing a world where the machines have dominated the world, yeah another terminator universe,

but here, the machine stopped organized movement as its hive AI stopped one day. So, the human military, i.e. US army,

makes a comeback from hiding, cleansing the land of feral machines.

Machines have so much firepower, which makes any nominal armor configuration obsolete.

So, with this condition on the mind, I started introducing different ways humanity may have designed their tanks to counter the adversary.

Here, the military reintroduced the ancient concept of tank destroyer from the world war era, high firepower and low profile. This design should allow a steady aim, rapid reloading and sniping enemy from unreachable distance, conserving the little manpower and resources that mankind has left.


This was more of a fun ideation, of landship.

Yes, its a ship driving on land, with massive triple-barrel turret, a hull mark of naval pride.

This massive siege engine, once deemed impossible even by Nazi scientists for lack and inefficiency of horsepower usage and fitting suspension system , was made possible by scavenging the machine techs.

A single volley of bombardment from afar produced from this beast should be more than enough to decimate a machine auto factory, machine hard point or even a pesky crowd of rioters at camp crying out for more rations.


This design is highly mobile and has a very flexible turret configuration. It would drive into an urban jungle, either evading or dodging enemy fire between ample covers while counter-firing at machines with its probing turret.

It is covered with reactive armor panels that would allow the crew to risk a chance of getting shot to deliver a critical damage up close.

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Cool designs :)
@tipu curate 2

Welcome to this community!! 😊 Looking forward to see your work.


Thanks Marc love to see such a warm and active society here.

Great work, Are you using Grease Pencil in Blender?


Thanks ammonite. No i havent, but i will be focusing on studying integrating 3d to my workflow soon. So many good stuff 3d can complement. Done a little maya before, but gonna try get used to blender modelling and then try grease pencil :D

I love the serious thought in each design! The first one looks like it would function really well as a stand alone tank, but like a very large mecha could pick it up by the band across the top and use it like a machine gun.

The landship style tank has such fantastic detail, i love the little sticking out/swing round seat! I can just picture the top of that turret showing over a hill or peeking over the tops of trees, the reveal as the camera panned round to reveal it as a huge tank. It looks perfect for getting in position, having the radar sensors and guns the only thing exposed, and earth shattering decimation it could cause.

even a pesky crowd of rioters at camp crying out for more rations.

damn, brutal times! The world you have behind these designs really make them.

That last one looks like a real all terrain bad boy, it very much looks like an urban tank, prime for rolling over crushed cars, broken bits of building, and the twisted remains of enemy machines. I am just so impressed by how the story you have comes out so well in the design.


Wowie, laetitia. You have quite a gift as a writer and analyst. I really appreciate having you being able to understand right on spot what i was trying to achieve with my designs!

Sure empowers my confidence and creative urges.


Cool stuff mate, you get my follow 👍 I always loved these sci-fi military designs, and I remembered back when I scrolled for hours on DeviantArt and Artstation, just to enjoy them. I've since turned to other things, but thanks for rekindling that lost love 😄 Look forward to seeing more of your stuff soon!

👆 That was copy+pasted from HIVE. The trouble of having alternate universes is that you never know where your mates are going to be on...