Cloth Cube Paintings

8개월 전

Some paintings from my class tonight. I'm one of the lucky people who employment wise didn't miss a step because of Corona. The school where I work put a plan in place REALLY fast to get all the classes online, train teachers, get us all pro Zoom accounts etc. We didn't miss a single class in the end, but one thing is I'm SO much more lazy at home.

To get to school I have to get up, get ready, ride a train, walk, etc. All these things get me in a "work mode", but at home I'm in my bedroom, sometimes still in my PJ's and my energy level for work is super low. In a class like this it can be rough, because I'm basically either talking and critiquing or painting the whole time for six hours. Anyway, there's a little real life insert with the paintings. I actually did one more.


Denim, Burlap and Wool were the ones I tackled tonight. I like the Denim, I feel like that one looks really denim'y :)

Here's the end results.




One more week of cubes then it's time for portraits! I should probably practice before then. Anyway, hope you're all doing as well as can be expected in these crazy times. See you all in the next post.

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