Food Cube Paintings

9개월 전


Another week and another round of cube painting demos. This week the subject matter was food and the lighting concept we covered is something called subsurface scattering. It's basically the effect of light transmitting through a surface and bouncing around on the particulate matter of that object. The most obvious example in these demos is the fatty part of the beef. It's a bit more subtle in the bread.


The main challenge with the bread us getting it to look "crusty" and figuring out an impressionistic way to indicate a lot of surface detail without having to go in and manually paint thousands of little bumps and holes. I do this by layering textured brushes over and over going from dark to light, obviously with touch-ups here and there.


With the meat the main thing I wanted to emphasize was the SSS I mentioned above. Other than that, something that can be tricky is the highlights. Those need to be totally abstract shapes but they definitely have a shape language that you will recognize as wrong if not done properly.

On an unrelated note, I'm really liking the posts I'm seeing in OnChainArt. Artists don't stop posting in the face of war! :D

See you all in the next post!

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Looks tasty :-) I like the way you've done the textures, especially on the bread, with that crustiness in the look. Cheers for sharing, mate!

Wow but if they look realistic I even thought they were google images and all.


Yea, in this class the focus is on representing the materials in a fairly realistic way. For my own personal paintings I usually keep things a bit more impressionistic.

Meat and bread are sold out at the store so this is making my stomach growl.