Pandemic Cubes

8개월 전


Since the virus has been raging through the US my school has gone fully online and I'm now teaching all my classes from home. My family is lucky enough that I and my wife can both work from home without much fuss, but I feel for all those out there struggling with no clear end to when or if we'll ever return to normal.

Hopefully things turn around soon.

Anyway teaching online actually works out pretty well for me. I can share my screen, the students can share their screens and I can even remotely control their computers to be able to do critiques in an engaging way. My school is even offering students the ability to rent out computers if they don't have the hardware at home. I've honestly been impressed by the schools swift action to keep things rolling without much of an interruption.


The subject matter this week was loosely "Special Effects" so I painted some smoking lava and some fairy dust. The reference I was looking at for the lava and this smoke was at night and the smoke was indeed pink like this, but as I was painting this I realized it looked a bit weird out of context, but whatever.


I tried to exaggerate the sub-surface scattering on the pixie dust to give it a little more interest. That makes it feel a bit goopy'er, like it would be sticky if you touched it.

It looks like Hive is rolling right along. I don't want to jinx it, but it seems like this all went really well. Hive is already on several exchanges, it's listed on Blockfolio, it was born trading higher than Steem and has remained that was so far, and Steem hasn't even tanked so maybe we'll be able to salvage some value as we all power down. I think we've hit our drama quota for the next several months, maybe years. Hopefully the whole world can just settle down a bit and we can get back to life. Hope you're all staying safe out there. I'll see you in the next post.

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