She's Lit



Using the same technique from my last post, I created another set of images. This time with a more interesting model as the base for the particle emission.


Really digging how all the internal glowy bits create these pockets of light and shadow.


Fun stuff! :)

If you're looking at this post from one of the legacy Steem frontends, it's time to get with the program and check out Communities. Especially OnChainArt for you artsy folks. I'm still seeing a lot of great artists not posting in any community and it's unfortunate because I know that post is going to get swept away in the river of Steem content.

I'm doing my best to increase my curation powers by becoming a curator for tipu, as well as c-squared, need to look into the others as well, but all in all, I want to create an awesome go to place for the awesome art on Steem. JOIN US! :p

I mean, doesn't this look cool? Can't you see your art hanging out here looking awesome? Jump in!

Thanks for looking peeps, see you all in the next post!

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This is pretty cool indeed! Looks awesome :)

I enjoy this trippy art you are doing here 😄 this is mesmerizing to look at and inside ...

  ·  작년

Thanks so much @barbara-orenya! :) Glad you like it.

Great stuff, with some amazing detail! All those fibres strewn across looks like the cable management on my PC XD

  ·  작년

lol, thanks @zacknorman97. Cable management is a lot less fun than this was :p