Showcase Sunday: Portrait Study

8개월 전


Whelp, it's Sunday again and I suppose we have to get back to business here and forge ahead. I'm going to be repeating the same messages in my posts for a while so that everyone sees it, so sorry for the repetition, but in as many places as possible I want to reiterate that the future of OnChainArt is on the HIVE blockchain. If you're an artist that wants to participate in this community, that's where to do it.

I'll still be posting and curating the Steem Community, but that will only last as long as it takes me to powerdown. The OCA delegations will run out in a matter of weeks. C-Squared has also switched all curation over to HIVE, and OCD I assume will also eventually. So there are a few more weeks to get all you can out of Steem, but past that, HIVE is the future.

Not financial advice, but I would not recommend HODL'ing Steem at the moment.

Anyway, this painting is an oldie, but one I still like. Sometimes looking at your older work is a cringefest, but this one, while there are some things in my present mind that I would do differently, none of those things bother me too much.


I'm looking forward to being able to focus on building again and not having the entire future of the chain up in the air from day to day, so back to building!

See you all in the next post!

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A beautiful portrait!!!!!

Es una gran ilustración.