Showcase Sunday: Red

7개월 전

It's still Sunday. I have nine minutes left. Images might be broken right now, but I assume they'll be working again soon. Anyway, here's a fairly recent like one or two semesters old class demo in the digital painting class I teach. Was playing around with the mixer brush in Photoshop to get things to feel a bit more painterly.

Also here's a bit of progress

Been partly busy and partly spending my little free time studying different technical things about some of the tools I use. This studying does produce some images, but nothing I feel like posting. Actually, something I made today that wouldn't be worth it's own post, but I think it works as a sort of here's your prize for actually looking at this post surprise.

So I've been experimenting with lighting as well as volumes and fog. There are two things that like no other almost always equal instant sexy time images. Depth of field and atmosphere. I've got DoF down, but atmosphere and volumetrics are more challenging. There's a lot of different approaches and the most realistic and accurate is pretty resource intense. For these shots I just made a simple room and imported one of the models that comes with Cinema 4D. I never stop being impressed with Octane(the renderer I'm using). Compared to renderers I've used in the past, Octane makes rendering and lighting so straightforward and intuitive.

Hopefully these actually show up because the previews aren't working as I'm writing this. If not, trust me, they look cool :D

So hopefully this post will actually show some pictures at some point. Oh the joys of moving and working out all the kinks. Anyway, stay safe in the apokalypse, see you all in the next post.

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