Showcase Sunday: Sketches

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For this #showcase-sunday post I thought I'd just compile some random doodles that wouldn't be cool enough to make a showcase post on their own. I haven't been doing much of this type of sketching lately and I'm getting to that point where the ache is building up and I'll probably need to draw everyday for a week straight to quench the thirst.

On the Hive front I think I feel like I'm still reeling a bit. There were a bunch of upcoming Community features I was really looking forward to and I'm not sure where we're at on those thing.

  • Different Community types
  • Sub-Communities
  • Auto Beneficiary settings
  • etc

I think where Communities are now is a good start, but we need a lot more functionality and control if we want to move beyond where we are right now.

Right now it still feels like we're in an in-between period. Like when you get a new computer and you're reinstalling applications and plugins, and you can't even keep track of everything that's missing until you instinctively reach for it and realize oh yea, I still need to move that over. We're getting there though. Justin is making it easier by making it clear beyond the shadow of a doubt that Steem is dead.

It's so bad now that I think Steem is seriously going to be in danger of being delisted. It was controversial to freeze the STINC ninja-mined stake even though the worst interpretation of the selling of that stake basically equals an exit scam, but even then a lot of people disagreed. So now we have Steemit/Justin Sun turning around and freezing millions of dollars in people's personally earned/bought Steem?

Just when you think he couldn't possibly get any dumber/crazier, he does. The next step in crazy that I would think would be too crazy is freezing the funds of smaller users, or just freezing everyone's funds, but at this point it seems nothing is off the table so take precautions and be careful.

Anywho, that's my post. Cya!

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