The War Rages On

8개월 전


In the spirit of WAR, yesterday I did a small update to this painting. I posted the unfinished version over a year ago I'm sure, but I think now I'll call this done. It's a bit hard to imagine that there was a time when thousands of people would meet on a field with sharp hunks of metal and hack each other to pieces because someone couldn't agree on something.

I guess we haven't really changed much.


This painting started out as a fairly quick sketch. I didn't do much research beforehand or throughout. Just winged it pretty much. Yesterday I felt like painting, but didn't really feel like starting a new painting from scratch, so I dusted this painting off and added a few more details here and there, nudged a few things here and there, and fixed a few things here and there.

Hope you like!

To see more cool artwork check out OnChainArt, The Steem Community for serious artists. Look around, curate, engage, you know the drill :)

See you all in the next post. Hopefully the world will be less crazy.

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Before they hack each other with a piece of metal, now they try to hack the whole community.

!giphy stay strong

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I'll be riding until the wheels fall off :p


!giphy till the end


giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Exemplary work as usual.

It's insane how talented you are, awesome job as always!

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