Tired of WAR? Try ART! Showcase Sunday Portrait



As a brief OCA update, I want to give a quick THANK YOU to everyone that filled the delegation requests I had up on DLease, as of now all 50 have been filled! So OCA will have a bit more power to curate awesome art on Steem.

Also a reminder, OCA is for original art ONLY. Few random things pop up in there from time to time with the most random being episodes of K-Drama(???). Anyway, if you're obviously not an artist, please don't make my moderation job harder by posting random stuff in there, I'd appreciate it.


Anyhoo, this is an old demo from the digital painting class that I teach. The same one with the cubes. At the end of that class we paint portraits so I have a ton of these laying around from all the years lectures. It's interesting to see how they've evolved over the years. In the greater context this one is a bit more recent, like maybe a year old? Something like that.

If you want a break from Steem/Tron drama, check out OnChainArt and find a zen place while browsing some cool artwork. Then you can jump back into battle refreshed.

See you all in the next post!

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  ·  작년

Aw man this is such a pretty painting!

excellent digital technique, this is great