Charcoal Portrait of a Man

2개월 전

Hello people, I couldn't finish my sketch for the daily drawing challenge today (though I have started) because I had to go all in on this commissioned piece but I'm happy I was able to finish this anyways. It took me about 6 hours to complete this.


I made this portrait using graphite and charcoal, both pencils and powder. Here are some progress shots...


I started with a sketch then did a light graphite shade to start building up the tones before going darker with charcoal powder where necessary


I used generals and Conte a Paris charcoal pencils for the darkest parts like the eyes and beard, this helps get a very realistic look



Because the model was wearing a white cloth, I had to create a light background to depict that illusion of white as white only shows when there are darker colours around it...

I mentioned earlier that I couldn't finish my entry for today's challenge under the topic "superhero", I have started it however and will complete it tomorrow...


Guess the superhero 😊

Thanks for reading, hope you like it? Stick around for more daily art content


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This is Aquaman. Sweet job dude. Charcoal is not easy.