Carving soap (1)

2개월 전

Hello everyone!!

Today I am back with my new work that I did on soap. We normally use soap for washing, bathing, etc but this time I thought of using soap for a different purpose. I used a needle to sketch first and then the food carving knife to cut it off. This is a relief sculpture. As I have already described in my work of lion what relief is, you must be already aware that this is a high relief sculpture.

It might sound a bit different to see someone carving on a soap, but I had my reasons. This year I had to carve on stone for my college project but because I injured my hand years back and doctors have strictly prohibited me from doing any heavy works I had to find a solution for my assignments. So, after talking to my teacher he agreed to accept my work on soap and here I am having fun with soap. I don't have the process clicked as I was so focused in carving that I remembered only after finishing it haha.

Carving knife



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