Meet an Fallen Angel

10개월 전

I always liked the idea about the most perfect and sublime characters being also suject to fall into the abyss.
Therefore the term "Fallen Angel" that I've used for quite a lot of my artworks, never lost it's attraction to me.

black bird (936px, 12fps).jpg

I know that in many religious tradition this term was used for angels that rebelled agains their god and as punishment have been cast out of heaven.

Fallen Angel N°8
original art & motion by whornung copie.gif

As these has been angels are now down on earth where they are busy to tempt humans to sin, we are all subjects to encounter some of those demons and I can only hope that they will like my artwork.
What is more, may be they think themselves lucky, because if they hadn't fallen, we wouldn't have met.

portrait (419px, 14fps)-1 (glissées) (220px, 25fps).gif
The better you look the more fallen angels you see

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it's beautiful especially in motion :)