Attraction And Love, What's The Difference?

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I have seen so many people mistaking attraction for love. When they find someone that they feel strong attraction towards, they quickly tag such feeling as "love". What's the difference between attraction and love? How can someone know that the connection or strong feelings he /she is having for someone is still just mere attraction?


Someone once said that: Attraction is the spark that ignites the candle of love, while love is the wax that keeps the candle burning.

Attraction is needed to stir love, but it is not love. Attraction(the spark that ignites love) stems from what a person is, while love(the thread and wax that turns the spark into a flame and keeps it burning) stems from who a person is.

Attraction is outward. It's like the packaging or wrapping of a product. The packaging is just to make the product enticing to the eyes and senses but the real deal is the product. Regardless of how beautiful and enticing a product's packaging is, if the product is useless to you, the packaging will also mean nothing to you.

Whatever you see in a person that attracts you to that person is just like the packaging wrapping a product. You can be attracted to so many beautiful packages because of their packaging, but it is only the package having the product that truly meets your needs that you can fall in love with. And you can never know the usefulness of a packaged product to you unless you take your time to read the product's description. Do you get the logic?

What I'm simply saying here is that 'you cannot love a person you haven't yet known'. Some of us are buying products without finding out their usefulness to us by reading their description. Whatever you are feeling for someone that you are yet to have a considerable knowledge of his/her true personality is nothing but mere attraction. And it's certainly going to fizzle out once you discover who such person truly is (the product in the package) and if such discovery doesn't conform with your idea about him/her.

Love is a decision based on knowledge of who the person that we attracted to is. There can be no real love without knowledge. Attraction is the beginning of the journey of love but attraction isn't love. Attraction is just a spark. And whether the spark is gonna ignite or not is dependent on what you discover about the object of your attraction.

Don't build your relationship merely on attraction because it's never going to last. Attraction always fizzle out when the product isn't what is expected. Always seek to know who you're attracted to so that you wouldn't end up investing your emotion, time and resources on a person that the only thing he/she has is a beautiful packaging and nothing else.

The eyes can be easily deceived, so try as much as possible to avoid making relationship decision based on what the eyes see. Let you mind do the deciding and try as much as you can to never allow your eyes and feelings influence your mind wrongly when making a love decision because:

attraction will always dwell on the packaging of what is seen while love will always dwell on what is know about the product in the packaging.

Know the difference and it will be of great help to you.

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