The Foundation Of A Family

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I'm gonna say this very loud for all to hear: THE BEGINNING AND ENDING OF A HEALTHY FAMILY IS A HEALTHY MARRIAGE.


I won't deny the fact that civilization has altered so many ideologies and systems in the world, but there are institutions that civilization can't alter without any consequences. One of such institutions is marriage. Traditionally, an ideal family starts after marriage and comprises the husband, wife and their children. This is the purest form of the family known as the nuclear family.

So If marriage is the beginning of the family, this also implies that the success of the family is dependent on the success of the marriage. Marriage is a decision two adult individuals make to share and spend the rest of their lives together. They seal this decision with the law or tradition of the land in which they dwell. Thus, the wedding ceremony is a celebration of the decision of two individuals to share, build and live the rest of their lives together.

But here's the thing: the marriage decision is not a one-time decision. It's a decision that both partners will need to be renewing everyday in the way they live and relate with each other in order for the marriage to stand the test of time. The moment any partner starts treating the other in an unbecoming manner, that's the moment such partner starts putting their marriage decision on the line.

And mind you, once your behavior starts questioning your marriage decision, every other thing that is a product of such marriage decision also starts getting questioned of which the family is one of such products. The family's health is very much dependent on how well both partners choose to upheld their marriage decision.

Remember i said 'uphelding your marriage decision is synonemous with how you treat and relate with your partner'. This is what determines what goes on in the family.

Your family will be as peaceful, blissful and healthy as your marriage. The type of relationship that exists between the two married couples determines the level of love and comfort that will exist in such family. Show me a marriage that is not working and I will show you a family where everyone is starved of love and attention.

The reverse of the above statement is also true: Show me a family where everyone is unhappy and feels unloved and I will show you a marriage where one or both partners are not upholding their marriage decision. Marriage is very vital for the sustenance of the family structure. It is the beginning and ending of the family.

If husbands and wives could understand the effects of their decisions in the lives of their kids and families, I believe they would be very careful with the type of decisions they make. The family is the healthiest and strongest institution on earth to raise healthy children and when this structure gets tempered with, the lives of the children that are supposed to grow up in this healthy environment also gets tempered with for life.

So many kids are stranded in life and so many adults are living unhappy lives because their parents destroyed the structure that they were supposed to grow up healthily. Their lives were distorted forever because their parents could not uphold their marriage decisions. Their parents failed to give them the opportunity to grow up in the best environment designed for them.

It may be very easy to walk out of a marriage, but understand that as you're walking out, you're also destroying a foundation and the lives taking succour in the structure resting on the foundation. The family structure is dependent on marriage and for that structure to be strong and healthy, the marriage has to be strong and healthy.

A healthy family is the product of a healthy marriage. Thus if you want to build a healthy family, raise healthy children and live in a peaceful and loving home, then you have to put in effort to make your marriage work. You owe your children that, please don't disappoint them!

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