Nord Finance Joins the UniLend Ecosystem to Enable Simplified DeFi Investing Strategies

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  • Next-gen DeFi player Nord Finance is joining the UniLend ecosystem

  • Nord Finance will integrate UniLend Finance into the Nord Advisory portion of their tech stack

  • Our collaboration will enable new DeFi investing strategies for the DeFi community

  • Nord Finance’s community will be introduced to the innovative features of our protocol, thus helping to further enhance our future growth

As we enter 2021, UniLend Finance is ready to take the bull by the horns! This year will be jam packed with innovative technological updates, strategic collaborations, and community events. 

Our goal to set ourselves apart from the pack is shaping up nicely, as we now enter into another amazing collaboration with another promising DeFi innovator. Nord Finance and UniLend Finance are now set to take the cryptosphere by storm. Like ourselves, Nord Finance is a next-gen DeFi player. We believe by working together, we can create new and unique value propositions for our communities.

There’s no time like the present to capitalize on the current bull market. Soon Nord Finance will integrate UniLend Finance into the Nord Advisory portion of their tech stack. Put simply, our protocol will benefit Nord Finance users, by enabling new strategies. In addition, our protocol will be able to be used in conjunction with Nord’s proprietary algorithm, which ultimately assists with users’ goal-oriented diversified portfolio management.

Cheers to the future of robo-advisory led customized investment functionality.

Why Partner With Nord Finance?

Many thought leaders in the space have projected that interoperability is one of the next crypto expansions to conquer. Teams within the blockchain and crypto world are trying to develop their rendition of a solution for this obstacle. We applaud Nord Finance for rising to the task at hand, by designing and initiating a blockchain agnostic platform for multi-chain interoperability.

These solutions are only a part of their advanced decentralized financial ecosystem, which is ultimately being constructed to simplify DeFi investing by bringing conventional features of traditional finance to the DeFi world. We’re thrilled to know that our protocol will play a part in assisting crypto users in their journey to attain success while using Nord Finance advisory features.

We realize that Nord Finance is on the bleeding edge of DeFi tech solutions. They’re also delving into the realms of yield farming aggregation, funds management and loans against crypto-assets, in addition to robo-advisory.

We believe that a significant portion of a project's success can be derived from the players they run with. In this case, Nord Finance and their unique strengths will also empower our project. In addition, their user-base and community will be introduced to the innovative features of our protocol, thus helping to further enhance our future growth.

A Defi Adventure to Remember

It’s not every day that we find projects that align so well with our own vision for the future of DeFi. As we inspect Nord Finance’s roadmap and compare it to ours, it’s clear that the Nord team’s journey will synergistically compliment ours nicely.

UniLend Finance will continue to pursue further collaborations with Nord Finance while the market shapes up. The conversation has just begun, though future concepts are underway.

If you have been staying up-to-date, then you have noticed that all the strategic collaborations we enter into harness a great amount of value for ourselves and the DeFi movement as a whole. We can’t wait to see how this collaboration fleshes out.

You’ll want to follow us on all of our social platforms to continue staying informed about the future of our strategic collaborations. Also don’t forget to introduce yourself once you’ve joined; we love to hear from our community!

Onwards and upwards!

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