UniLend’s Alpha, Initium V1, is Now Open to the Entire Community!

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  • UniLend Initium V1 (our Alpha) is opening to the public, so that the entire Unilend community and everyone else that is interested can try it out.

  • We've released a community Alpha testing form to anyone that is interested in acquiring test tokens, to help test Initium V1.

  • The limited Alpha launch was very successful, with selected community members trying out the platform with great enthusiasm.

  • The early access Alpha pioneers assisted us in finding bugs and giving us some excellent suggestions for the future. With the extension of Alpha testing to the rest of the community, we’re excited to receive additional feedback to help us to further improve!

The limited version of UniLend Alpha Initium V1 was very successful, and most of the selected participants enthusiastically took part. Now, UniLend Alpha Initium V1 is being opened for everyone in the UniLend community and the wider DeFi community interested in trying out our revolutionary platform for themselves.

Alpha testing is a great way for the community to get directly involved with the project and help us to iron out any kinks and suggest further features/functionality. Testing out the Alpha protocol will also give the community the chance to get hands-on with the initial version of the platform and experience the power of UniLend for themselves. 

A form that will allow any user to register for our UniLend Initium can be found here: https://forms.gle/LR9phoZSop1hytWc7

By filling in this form users will be able to get access to some test tokens which they can use to interact with the platform.

Trying is Believing

We have provided the community with several announcements and a few articles on how the Alpha will function, which features it will offer, and the value of each of these features. A guide that discussed the features of the Alpha and how they functioned was made available to the community as well.

There have also been several crypto YouTubers who tried out the UniLend Alpha platform and showed the world what it looked like, how it worked and some of its features in action. For example, this video by our community member @Crypto_Secret_Circle provides an in-depth view of UniLend Alpha and how it functions.

Hearing or reading about what UniLend has to offer and how it functions is one thing, but being able to actually try it out for yourself is a completely different experience. The open Alpha Initium will allow users to get hands-on with the platform and actually use all the features available for themselves. By trying out the platform firsthand, users will be able to realize the true potential of UniLend and get a taste of how it will pan out in the future.

Alpha Testing & UX Improvements

One of the core purposes of Alpha testing is to let early enthusiasts willing to test out the platform have a shot at trying it out. This is an excellent opportunity for adamant supporters to visually see how the platform functions and directly assist with the development of the protocol.

Alpha testing is also supremely valuable for the UniLend team, because this enables the team to understand the platform from the user’s perspective and enables them to work on any UX/UI improvements pointed out by the community. UniLend’s success will be ultimately determined by our community, so we want to be sure to give every community member a voice as we push ahead building our revolutionary protocol.

The initial Alpha testers tested the platform meticulously to find bugs and suggest improvements, and we are grateful for their efforts. The bugs that they found were patched promptly, and this definitely improved the usability and performance of the platform. Now, with our open Alpha, significantly more users will be able to try out the platform, providing an even more valuable base of feedback to take UniLend Initium to the next level. 

Another Leap Forward for DeFi

Establishing the UniLend Initium protocol was a huge step towards realizing the true potential of DeFi. The selected Alpha testers who tried out the platform gave us some excellent feedback, which allowed us to remove some bugs and improve the UX significantly. 

The Alpha protocol is now ready for open public testing, so everyone can get a glimpse into the potential of UniLend even at this early stage, and how our platform will be a major leap forward for all of DeFi.

This is still just the beginning for UniLend and our community. UniLend will continue to improve and evolve heavily over the coming couple of months. We’re proud to have all of you here with us as we revolutionize finance!

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