Let's create a Chess Club for Steem on Chess.com!

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I have been playing chess for many years and in some cases I even had the honor of representing my country in national games in my country and I think it is time to resume the exercises and training and above all to open a space where Steem can be recognized and supported.

Chess.com is the biggest chess community in the world with almost 200.000 players DAILY, it duplicates to a great extent all the users of the other platforms and it has an interface that I personally like a lot.

The goal is to create a chess club that can compete against other clubs on the platform like Chess University or USChess which is composed of several masters.


Now, to create a club you need a gold subscription, that means you need a paypal account with a credit card or a credit card so paying with Steem would not be possible ;(

Really if there was a chess club in chess.com I would be one of the first to integrate it, in that page I have an ELO of 2000 points and rising, so if we gather many more players we can form a decent chess group.

All the rewards of this post will aim to pay the gold subscription which would be the cheapest of about 3.50 euros per month, that's something here at Steem we can do for sure.

Thanks for stopping by and Steem ON!

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Hi, @cerati, welcome to my chess community! :)

A STEEM chess club would be an interesting idea, but I think we should consider a few things:

  • The future (and the name) of STEEM is uncertain ... so better lets wait for the outcome of all that.
  • After using both sides, Chess.com and Lichess, I personally prefer the latter, as it is simply, fast and open-source. Furthermore @schamangerbert's STEEMChess tornaments are taking place at Lichess.
  • I personally don't like PayPal, but that's of course not the main criterion.

Why not use lichess.org? It is completely FREE and the layout is way better!!
In addition many Steemians here are already on lichess.

Interesting idea