Ahead of the U-20 World Cup

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Jokowi's inauguration of the Manahan Stadium was canceled. © 2019 Merdeka.com/Arie Sunaryo

Towards the implementation of the U-20 World Cup in May-June 2021, a number of street vendors (PKL) are starting to worry. They admit that they have not received any socialization regarding the certainty of this grand activity. Whereas according to the plan, the Manahan Stafion area, which is one of the main views, must be sterile from PKL activities 6 months before the football match starts.

Sri Purwani, one of the juice traders at the Manahan shelter, Jalan KS Tubun, admitted that until now there has been no socialization from the Solo City Trade Office regarding this matter. Even if he was evicted he would have to find another location to sell. The municipal government has not provided a solution for temporary relocation, if there is eviction.

"Yes, I'm worried, bro, until now there has been no socialization from the city government. If it is evicted, where are we going to sell?" he said when met by merdeka.com, Monday (12/10).

He admitted that all this time he had only heard from his friends, that the Manahan shelter where he was earning sustenance would be evicted, or even torn down. Sri asked the government to provide certainty, when will they be evicted and where they will be moved. So that he can get ready for a new location.

A number of other traders hoped that the Solo City Government would listen to their aspirations. This is to find the best solution so that the 5-year event can run smoothly and traders are not harmed. One of the suggestions they conveyed was that the traders would be closed but they could still return to their original location after the World Cup was over.

"Instead of being moved, we chose to have a 6-month holiday, no matter, bro. As long as we can return to Manahan after the World Cup is over," said the chicken trader at the Manahan shelter.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Solo, FX Hadi Rudyatmo (Rudy), admitted that he was happier if the street vendors chose to take a day off during the implementation of the world cup. So that the city government does not have to bother looking for relocation places for street vendors. However, his party is still waiting for confirmation from PSSI regarding the rules for the activities of street vendors.

"If it is possible like that, I would be more happy, do not have to worry (have trouble) finding a place. It depends on PSSI later. If it is allowed to be closed, it is not dismantled, I am even happy," he explained.

He admitted that he is currently communicating with PSSI. Closed in such conditions, he continued, or must be cleaned. After the coordination is complete, his party will conduct socialization with street vendors. He asked the merchant to wait patiently.

"We ask to wait, what will be the decision from PSSI. I will send a letter there," he concluded.

Arie Sunaryo, Journalist

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