North Korea Exhibits World's Largest Intercontinental Ballistic Missile During Military Parade

2년 전

North Korea shows off what analysts believe to be a fueled intercontinental ballistic missile. © Korean Central TV / CNN

North Korea showcased what analysts believe to be one of the world's largest ballistic missiles during a military parade celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Labor Party broadcast on state television on Saturday.

The huge weapon was carried by an 11-wheeled truck at the height of the nearly two-hour celebration and a military parade in the nation's capital Pyongyang.

Analysts say the new missile is not yet known whether it has been tested, but that a larger weapon would make it easier for North Korea to place a number of warheads on it, increasing the threat to enemy targets.

"Liquid fuel, Besaaar, is capable of carrying MIRV nuclear warheads," said Melissa Hanham, deputy director of the Stanford University Open Nuclear Network on Twitter, quoted by CNN, Sunday (11/10).

"What North Korea is showing us, appears to be a new liquid-fuel ICBM that appears to be a derivative of what was tested in late 2017, known as the Hwasong-15, is much bigger and clearly stronger than anything in North Korean arsenal," he explained. Harry Kazianis, Senior Director of Korean Studies at the Center for the National Interest based in Washington DC.

When the Hwasong-15 was tested in 2017, Pyongyang said it could carry a super-heavy nuclear warhead. Analysts said it was estimated that the Hwasong-15 could reach the mainland United States.

Before the parade, analysts wondered if North Korea would launch solid-fuel ballistic missiles during the ceremony.

Solid-fuel missiles offer an advantage over liquid-fueled missiles in that they can move without the accompanying fuel truck. This means they can be launched faster and are easier to hide from spy satellites.

In his speech, the North Korean leader said his country's military is here to defend the people.

"We will continue to strengthen the deterrence of war as a means of self-defense," Kim said.

"Our war prevention will never be abused or used beforehand, which will contribute to protecting the country's sovereignty and defense and achieving regional security," he continued.

"However, if anyone interferes with national security or threatens to use military force against us, I will first mobilize all of our strongest resistance forces to retaliate against them."

Kim Jong Un appeared to shed tears of emotion as he thanked his people and military forces for their efforts to recover from the damage caused by the recent floods and in fighting the coronavirus, which has killed more than 1 million people worldwide.

"I thank them for their health without even one of them falling victim to the vicious virus," said Kim.

"The fact that we have protected our people from the fierce epidemic that is sweeping the whole world is said to be the natural task and success of our party".

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