The Deputy Governor of DKI Claims the Covid-19 Death Rate in Jakarta Has Decreased and Recovery Increased


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Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta , Ahmad Riza Patria claims, data shows that the death rate due to the corona virus or Covid-19 in the capital has decreased. In addition, the cure rate has also increased.

"Alhamdulillah, the recovery rate has increased, it has reached 82 percent, then the death rate has continued to fall to 2.2 percent," said Riza at the Hotel Ibis Mangga Dua, Sunday (4/10).

He also claimed this was proof that the government was carrying out its duties in preventing the spread of Covid-19. Even so, Riza admits that the number of spreads in Jakarta is still quite high.

"That's because one of them is because there are so many tests. The contribution of DKI Jakarta's testing to Indonesia is almost 50 percent, so this is how we, the Provincial Government, are making efforts to reduce and break the chain," he said.

Riza appealed to the public to continue implementing health protocols when carrying out activities. Namely starting from wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining distance.

"The government's task is 3T, testing, treacing, and treatment and no less important is a lot of OTG," he explained.

Previously, Head of the DKI Jakarta Health Service Widyastuti said that the total number of positive patients with Covid-19 with no symptoms was more than 50 percent. He said, the number was more than the previous month.

"The daily active cases as of October 1, without symptoms are around 53 percent. So the figure is vulnerable to having been in the 50 percent position," Widyastuti said in a Youtube video for BNPB Indonesia, Thursday (1/10).

He also stated that his party had collaborated with a number of parties to provide a number of independent isolation places for patients without symptoms or mild symptoms.

The DKI Provincial Government has also provided three independent isolation places in North Jakarta, South Jakarta and East Jakarta. However, currently the three locations are still being repaired for their facilities.

Reporter: Ika Defianti

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