Cyborg SKULL | Rare Designer X Skeenee Collab

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Hey! I thought I´d share with you the first piece of a cyberPunk/skull themed series my partner in crime Rare Designer and I have recently minted and sold on KnownOrigin. It´s titled "Cyborg SKULL", and was sold as a 1/1. Feast your eyes upon this majestic high-tech beast!

I hope you like it as much as we enjoyed creating it.


Now for the process the piece went through. To be honest, Rare Designer really pushed the collab to the next level, he deserves a LOT of credit for how cool this piece turned out!

When he contacted me and proposed me to give his twist to one of my skulls, I was immediately thrilled by the idea. Since we are both big fans of cyberpunk aesthetics, we thought it would be cool if he upgraded one of my skull into a cyborg and painted it with a Cyberpunk color scheme.

After much delay (damn u RL), I finally found the time to draw the skull´s line-work and passed it to Rare Designer so he could pimp it up Cyberpunk style and paint it.

These are a few of the steps this piece went through!


I just love the color scheme and every time I zoom in to appreciate the textures RD built, I find new interesting details. Class A work mate👊

I also decided to finish this skull with my classical tools and add AR to it, but that´s a post for another day:)


I am proud to announce that we will soon be relasing the second piece of our cyberpunk series on, It´s called "MindfullDeath", and here is a little teaser of one of the head´s layer states.


I hope you enjoyed our collab, let us know what you think of our creation.

Have a nice day,


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