THE SAVIOR artpiece sold in SuperRare!

7개월 전

I have a theory that people with large eyebrows have the most expressed and least calcified pineal gland. The third eye is a symbol


I think you are more self-aware when you understand how cryptocurrency works, too. At some point you must understand that everything is an illusion and that you are the master creator of everything around you.

S 2-21-2020.png

V 2-21-2020.png

X 2-21-2020.png

Y 2-21-2020.png


Alien Art of Steem

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ohhhhhh this is a good one!

I've been gone for a while and your skillset and subjects have grown. Amazing piece of artwork. Congratulations @yusaymon


Thanks for really appreciate my efforts !!! Red Dust ! see u around! again I will move the energy here

Congrats, this piece is awesome :D