Got a decent reward for completing daily quests, reached Gold-I, and also purchased some new cards to strengthen my army.

8개월 전

Hi friends!

I am playing Splinterlands everyday and it's very addictive. Today, I got 1248 DEC as reward for finishing daily quest. I also received two cards, one of which is a rare card:


I am very excited to get these rewards. This is so nice from Splinterlands. I also reached Gold-I in this season. So, I am going to get at least 30 loot chests. Wow!

What I did was to invest those DECs which I received. I used them to purchase new cards. I purchased cards worth almost one US dollar.


I don't know how far will I reach in this game but, one this is definitely clear to me that I am happy to play this game. It is one of my favorite pass time during the outbreak of corona.

Thank you friends for reading this post. I especially like to thank my best friend Mr. Kumar for supporting and helping me.

Love from Erica!

Have a wonderful time ahead!

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