I finished at Diamond-II in the last season of Splinterlands.

7개월 전

Hi friends!


Steemmonster game is my new favorite. Although, I could not post on my blog so far in this week, I didn't forgot to play this amazing game. It was a great season for me. I finished at Diamond-II league in the last season. I was not expecting to such a great achievement for me as I an a novice and still not aware of the rules of the games. With the help of my friend, who guided me on game play, I was able to get 50 loot chests.

I got some good rewards. But, the game is becoming tough at every level. My opponents have better skills and also have better cards. I don't have enough cards to be a champion. So, I am not thinking about to go to Champion league but, I am expecting to repeat what I had got in the last season.

Love from @erica005

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