I have started playing Steemmonsters !

8개월 전

Hi friends!


Eight days ago I purchased the starter pack of Splinterlands. It cost me $10. I think it is different from the pack which people purchased when Steemmonsters just started. Perhaps they might have given the buyers summoners and monsters cards. But, I got nothing of the sort. However, I can use untamed summoners and monsters. I don't know much about this game but, I am enjoying it. I have to learn a lot of things as well. I used to play splinterlands without purchasing the starter pack. I got some rewards as well but, I could not redeem the rewards and DEC as I had no starter pack. So, finally I decided to buy one for me. I was very exciting when I bought the pack. I thought I would get something in the future but, to my surprise, I received those rewards as well which I could not have get because of not having the starter pack. So, all at once I got the missing rewards and to my greatest surprise of all time, I reached Gold-I league! I received 30 loot chests. Oh my God! What an end of the first official season for me! I received a few cards and about 3000 DEC as reward.

I am very happy and could not resist my temptation to share my achievement with you. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Love you

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