I still have a time to progess and reach a new level in this season.

6개월 전

Hi friends!


In this season of Splinterlands I have achieved at least the Silver-III position. I have secured at least 40 loot chests for me. It means I can get good rewards. Only time will tell whether I would get something special or will it be an ordinary reward. But, one thing is clear that I love this game. It doesn't take a lot of time to complete it and also it is easy to learn and play. I have three days to increase my rankings and get to upper league positions. I don't have legendary cards but, I have won against those who had many. So, it gives me confidence and also encourages me to play again and again.

It was Silver-II in the last season for which I got 50 loot chests. Let's see how far I reach in this season. Pray for me! I also have purchased one Azmare dice. Let's see what I get.

Love from @erica005

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